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Hosting #SpEdSC: A Reflection

I Am a fan of twitter chats. In fact i got a bit obsessed with them for a while. Anyway Iam now down to taking part in 3/4 a week. I have also hosted a few chats which is great fun I have blogged about them here and here, and here, all you need are ideas, coffee, and fast fingers. So I thought why not start my own!

Committing to a set time can be tricky however, and there is already a well established and well run SEN twitter chat on Wednesdays – #SENexchange and a great Aussie based Inclusion chat in #includEDau on Sunday morning So I thought I would start a slow chat.

#SpEdSC was born in September 2015  – Read the inaugural posts here.

49 People took part over the week which was great. Its been up and down since. However any successful project requires a team. So I began crowd sourcing questions and ideas, this has really helped with buy in and interest. Has also generated some great discussions. Click here for the document. 

It is now time to try and generate some more interest and new contributors. So on the advice of Lynn McCann and Joanna Grace I am Relaunching #SpEdSC on Saturday morning. I am aiming to beat the stats below.

So Look out for the Question and join in.

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