Quick Read: 5 Essential Questions for Apraisees

The appraisal

The appraisal process is an essential part of not only a member of staff’s professional development but also in the process of school improvement and review. Here are 5 questions appraisees should ask themselves as part of the process. This will help you prepare for the meeting and go into the process with an idea of the support you need to reach your potential in any role. Remember this is your appraisal, own it!

5 Essential Questions Appraisees Should Ask Themselves

  1. What is expected of me, my professional standards and in terms of wider contribution?
  2. What impact am I making now?
  3. Which areas of my performance have the potential for improvement?
  4. What support, training or coaching do I need?
  5. What impact will this have for me in the future?

5 essential Questions to Ask Yourself



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