Invest in Teachers before Technology
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6 Education Technology Pitfalls to Avoid

This is just a lighthearted post reflecting on some of the possible situations you may encounter when discussing technology used in education. In some cases I speak from experience, but I have learnt from that, I hope. I would love to hear your edtech mistakes experiences. The Gimmick - these seem like a good idea,… Continue reading 6 Education Technology Pitfalls to Avoid

More online safety Resources #SID2016
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Some More Safer Internet Day Resources #SID2016

Online Safety   Here are some more resources to use with students who require symbol support for #SID2016 or general digital citizenship resources. They are in both PPT format and link to the widgit online site if you have a subscription. I have a second post here with a couple more ideas. A Communication/Discussion Board Here… Continue reading Some More Safer Internet Day Resources #SID2016

Free SEN teaching transport topic resources
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Effective IWB use in SEN

The interactive whiteboard may well be the greatest ICT resource available to teachers today. It can also be the biggest waste of money possible. If used as a display device just buy a cheap flat screen TV. However for students with SEN the whiteboard can provide some fantastic opportunities for interaction and really motivating activities.… Continue reading Effective IWB use in SEN

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Online Safety & SEN 2: Why is it so important?

This is part 2 of the Online Safety & SEN series. In this blog I will look at why it is so important that our most vulnerable students are supported. What is it that makes students with special educational needs so vulnerable? I am primarily talking about those students with complex needs (ASD, SLD, PMLD,… Continue reading Online Safety & SEN 2: Why is it so important?

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6 Apps for Creative Teachers.

Graphic Design Apps for Teacher Graphic design for teachers, or at least those of us not blessed with artistic talents used to be limited to choosing Comic Sans or Times New Roman for worksheets. Now thanks to the wonders of modern technology we can use a range of tools to create engaging and interesting visuals.… Continue reading 6 Apps for Creative Teachers.

SEN and Inclusion teaching
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13 Signs you are not a Digital Native.

Digital Natives is a phrase coined by Marc Prensky in his 2001 paper Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants. He suggests that there has been a huge shift in the way young people today learn, identify themselves etc. This is due to a huge event (or Singularity). The widespread dissemination of digital technology. That as today's students… Continue reading 13 Signs you are not a Digital Native.

SEN and Inclusion teaching
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SEN Technology: Adaptations and Accessibility.

However you look at it students with additional needs do not have the same access to technology as their peers. Specialist equipment is very expensive. The school may have excellent provision, is this the same at home? In their residential provision? Will the same technology or better be available to them in their future placements?… Continue reading SEN Technology: Adaptations and Accessibility.

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Educational Technology: Not Just Buying Shiny Things

This blog is written from my experience as ICT coordinator for a special school. I love technology but I have overcome my youthful exuberance, the spike of excitement at seeing the latest shiny gadget. I say overcome but I think in some ways it is more like a stand off. On one side the fantastic… Continue reading Educational Technology: Not Just Buying Shiny Things

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Inclusive Classroom: OZOBOT

Always on the lookout for computing technology that is accessible and engaging to all my students I invested in 1 Ozobot. A small programmable robot. It is, I would say the simplest device I have bought to support our computing curriculum, In less than 5 minutes I had it running around the maze supplied with… Continue reading Inclusive Classroom: OZOBOT

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Using Typorama (ipad app) to Create Images & Posters.

Now I love a good quote and image. I have been using the typorama app for a while. Teachers need Great visuals to engage students used to flashy advertising and constant media bombardment. I'm not sure if a study has been done on the effectiveness of images as inspiration or their effect on lezrning. But… Continue reading Using Typorama (ipad app) to Create Images & Posters.