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Three Transport Books for Children 2-4

These three transport-themed books are firm favourites in our household. Vehicles and transport are always popular themes from Early Years to Journey planning in secondary school. Have a look at my transport-themed teaching resources. These have been chosen as they…

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Diversity: 3 Great Picture Books

Diversity in society is a really important topic to start addressing with children as soon as possible. This is especially true for children in a special school they are already marginalised in certain sections of society. I found these books…

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Teaching Emotions: 6 Picture Books

Teaching emotions and explaining feelings to children is essential. A child cannot self regulate without recognising and starting to understand how they feel. It is also important for children to start to understand how their actions affect others. There are…

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150 Sensory Learning Ideas

Free, Simple Sensory Home Learning Activities There are many options for home learning packs and ideas for children who can access worksheets and online teaching resources. Sensory learners need sensory learning ideas. Preferably simple and free ones. This list of…

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SEN Parents: An Essential Educational Partnership

parental school team working blog post

Every successful placement requires the best possible communication and working relationship between parents and carers and schools

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Emotional Regulation in SEND: Resources

free SEN teaching resources

Recognising your own emotions and identifying effective strategies for managing these is a key skill for any child.

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Aspie Author: A Journey into Sharing her Imagination with the World

sensory education resources

I want to thank Elizabeth Jade for contributing this post on her journey into publishing her first book to Inclusiveteach.com. Please support Elizabeth by sharing her story widely and consider buying a copy of Akea – The power of destiny.

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Sibling relationships in Neurodiverse families

Recruitment headteachers senior leadership

The interactions, bonds and relationships of a family unit are so diverse that what may help one family will insult another.

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