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Bullying: Fear and Reflection

“These word are real, the students are real and the situation is real” This is a guest article on bullying by Glyn Lyndon a child behaviour specialist from Progressive Steps. Thoughts of a bully “Look at him, sat there thinking he’s clever!” These were my thoughts about the boy who sat in front of me.… Continue reading Bullying: Fear and Reflection

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15 Lesson Planning Myths.

In some schools there seems to be some rules teachers feel they need to follow. No one knows where these rules came from. The dusty typewritten rule sheet lies on an unreachable shelf in the geography cupboard with the old over head transparencies. So here are some rules that you have my permission to break.

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Not Just a Number: Data, labels, and SEN

Think of two children you know. Now describe those two children, their attributes, interests, personality and happiness. In your head you are slowly building a profile of the strengths and positives of that child. The characteristics that make them as a whole. You might be thinking of future careers they may enjoy. These are probably… Continue reading Not Just a Number: Data, labels, and SEN

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Equality and Diversity in implementation of Staff training.

This is a presentation I wrote as part of my certification as a PBS instructor. I am now a Principal Instructor for our area in Positive Behaviour Support.I must stress I would never use such wordy Powerpoints in any lesson or training session, this is more of a handout in powerpoint form. I think most… Continue reading Equality and Diversity in implementation of Staff training.

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Storytelling, Immersion and SEN

The power of Storytelling. I am a great fan of the power of storytelling in learning, it is enjoyable, fun, can be used to deliver messages or reinforce concepts or expected behaviours. My Mum owns a children's bookshop in Herne Bay (Click Here for Site) and leads storytelling sessions in local schools. So I am… Continue reading Storytelling, Immersion and SEN

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NPQML: Reflecting on Effective communication – Meetings

This is a video that I could have used before being a middle leader. The key point isreflecting on what and how you want an audience to hear something, what are the key words and ideas they must buy into to remain engaged and so as not to have wasted everyones time. Firstly the meeting… Continue reading NPQML: Reflecting on Effective communication – Meetings

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Thoughts on Developing Teams: NPQML

Leadership and Developing Teams Written for my NPQML: Project example here. If we acknowledge the validity of the Leithwood et al statement “school leadership is second only to classroom teaching as an influence on pupil learning.” And that the aim of any school is to improve teaching and learning, then supporting teachers has to be… Continue reading Thoughts on Developing Teams: NPQML


Using Powerpoint to make Worksheets for SEN

I use Powerpoint to make a lot of worksheets, taskboards and other adaptive tasks to use in my class. We use the TEACCH system where appropriate. Powerpoint resources training This involves the student completing a number of tasks as independently as possible. These are usually laminated and attached with velcro for matching tasks. Powerpoint is… Continue reading Using Powerpoint to make Worksheets for SEN