Inclusive Teacher: Using Lego!

What better way to celebrate the second birthday of than with a post about Lego! My Favourite subject, also was the focus of most of my tweets all those years ago! Anyway Lego is one of the most easily adaptable resources a teacher can have no matter what the needs of their class. Yes

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Inclusive Teacher: Sensory Umbrellas.

Keep up to date on our facebook page When you listen to a speaker you need to be inspired, your mind needs to fill with ideas as they speak. I had the pleasure of listening and watching Flo Longhorn at a conference late last year and came away with a desire to rush out and

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Using Visual Supports

Visual supports for Autistic children are vital those with receptive or expressive language delays are often able to process visual information more effectively. As with anything in SEND education there is no one size fits all approach. There is a solid research base for this and in my experience they are well worth the effort

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SEN Teacher: Space Resources

Space and Planets Theme Resources – Perfect for “world Space Week”. As with most of my resources a lot of these are designed to be laminated and with liberal use of velcro turned into repeatable folder tasks. My class all have a diagnosis of autism and communication difficulties. Half are PECS users. Some really enjoy […]

SEN Teacher: Transport Topic 2

This posts contains some more transport themed free printable worksheets / folder tasks. These go with my previous post. There should be at least two versions of each one. For writers/pre-writers and including  InPrint (Widgit software) symbols.  Again these are mostly in PowerPoint format so very easy to adapt and edit. Distance Measuring Worksheet/Communication board

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SEN Teacher: The Tuff Tray

Originally posted on Collaboroo This was an idea I had when I first bought a tuff tray but was brought to life by our workshop tutor so I can’t claim all the credit. I work in a mixed ability SEN key stage 4 class. My students love practical hands on activities, some like sensory messy

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Using Videos to Boost Engagement.

On Youtube you can probably find a video that will link in with your lesson no matter what it is. These can be really effective teaching tools or a time filler. If needed you can use a “safe” version of youtube (Safetube) to remove the links, comments, and buttons that do quite often link to

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SEN Teacher: Transport Topic 1

Here are some of the resources I have made and used so far for our new Transport and Journeys topic. Second resources post here. These are the tried and tested ones. Many use widgit software symbols. Some are designed as worksheets but most to be laminated and used as folder tasks, repeated with practical resources.

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Effective IWB use in SEN

The interactive whiteboard may well be the greatest ICT resource available to teachers today. It can also be the biggest waste of money possible. If used as a display device just buy a cheap flat screen TV. However for students with SEN the whiteboard can provide some fantastic opportunities for interaction and really motivating activities.

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5 questions about Sensory Processing #behaviourchat

5 Questions about Sensory Processing disorder SPD

n my role as behaviour lead at my school I am increasingly interested in the impact of sensory processing on learning, engagement and what we perceive as challenging behaviour. I wanted to find out more so asked some questions of the twitterverse. This is a breakdown of some of the things I was able to take away from the chat.

Thoughts of a Bully

bullying bully

“These word are real, the students are real and the situation is real” A guest article by Glyn Lyndon a child behaviour specialist from Progressive Steps. Thoughts of a bully “Look at him, sat there thinking he’s clever!” These were my thoughts about the boy who sat in front of me. “Watch this” I whispered.

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6 Links to SEND Research #SpEdSC

Andy Bloor recommended JORSEN – The Journal of Research in Special Educational Needs which now has a range of short podcasts with the authors.  #SpEdSC 2.ICE Research suggested JDisSoc – The Journal of Disability & Society. This has a lot of free to access articles. I immediately found one I needed for an online safety

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NPQSL: Sinking Swimming & Surfing

This terminology comes from a study of a commercial company by Binney, Wilke & Williams in 2005. Given the commercialisation of some aspects of the education system it may be more relevant than ever. They state that leaders will have periods when they feel they are surfing, others when they seem to be sinking and

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15 Myths about the perfect lesson.

In some schools there seems to be some rules teachers feel they need to follow. No one knows where these rules came from. The dusty typewritten rule sheet lies on an unreachable shelf in the geography cupboard with the old over head transparencies. So here are some rules that you have my permission to break.

Our Favourite Resources #SpEdSC

    This well I asked Twitter, through the special education slow chat (#SpEdSC) to share their favourite resources to use in their classrooms.  Some high tech ideas and a good helping of classic resources. Communication was a big topic as was engagement and interaction. People used a range of resources and in a host

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Blurring the lines: Teacher/student boundaries in SEN.

I have discussed on many occasions the importance of positive relationships when working with young people. I work with vulnerable student groups, mainly autistic young people, and those who communicate and see the world differently. This relationship dynamic can shape their view of adult to adult and adult to child interactions for their entire lives.