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I am Assistant Head Teacher at a special school in Broadstairs, we support children with a diagnosis of Autism

Sensory Story Collection

This page collates all the sensory stories published on inclusiveteach.com. A sensory story is one that serves to activate each of the senses to encourage engagement in a range of learning situations. These range from simple engagement to knowledge recall,…

free SEN teaching resources

Free Printable SEN Teaching Resources

These are some free teaching resources that I have made for my students to use. Often these are designed to be printed and laminated (with Velcro) to use as folder tasks for TEACCH systems for Autistic learners. They can also be used as worksheets for ASDAN evidence etc. Many use widget software symbols to support reluctant readers.


Picturepath visual app

Advice for using visual timelines with Autistic children

Advice for using visual timelines with ASD children Guest Post It’s well understood that many children find comfort in routine, and that maintaining routine reduces problem behaviours. Equally visuals, such as PECS cards, and timelines are widely used alongside a…

Engaging baby toys 0-6 months

5 Engaging Baby Toys (0-6 months)

Poppy is our 5th and youngest. We had passed on most of the old baby toys we had as the others grew up and moved past this stage. So we had to find some new toys for her to play…

Awesome Advent Books For Christmas

Here we have 24 suggested Advent picture books to use in a literacy based advent calendar this Christmas. I like using this level of book as you can easily adapt them for a range of special educational needs. I have…

Hand over Hand VS Hand Under Hand Support

The use of physical prompts which includes hand over hand and hand under hand is widespread and accepted practice. This includes but is not limited to, pupils with a range of disabilities including PMLD, SLD, and visual impairment.  Described by…

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Line of Duty: The Sensory Story

Mother of God it’s the Line of Duty Sensory Story! No copyright infringement intended (Sorry BBC, please don’t sue) just a bit of fun. I wrote this with older sensory learners in mind. Sometimes sensory stories are not fully age…

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SEN interview teaching activities hints and tips

The SEND Interview Teaching Activity

Our recruitment and interview process posts are very popular. However we haven’t talked about the teaching interview activity. One of the questions we get asked is around the teaching side of the interview process. Candidates for teaching positions almost always…

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