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Inclusiveteach.com are trailing offering some key elements of Positive Behaviour Support to parents, carers and (maybe) organisations.

Initially, we are undertaking some work with a small group of parents around collecting data around incidents of behaviour that are challenging to manage. This data will feed into a visual and detailed analysis report. We can analyse antecedents and drivers of behaviour and suggest some strategies to try based on our experience working with Autistic children and adults.

Functional analysis data

The report is also invaluable when presented as evidence when applying for funding such as direct payments or respite requests.

Unfortunately agencies often only want the negative aspects of a child’s presentation outlined when assessing support, please do not think this is how we see your child.

How can we help?

After working in special education for over ten years we have seen how difficult it can be for parents/carers to be faced with a range of paid professionals who may use unfamiliar terminology and be going into the meeting with reams of evidence and reports. We want to work to redress the balance of annual reviews, PEPs and EHCP meetings. Due to working full time and being tucked away in Kent we can only provide face to face support to a limited number of families. This online system seeks to expand the number of people we can help.

What does this cost?

Initially whilst we are trailing it we just want your feedback and, if appropriate to form anonymised case studies if this process has been useful to you. It may be that you want more or different data.

What data is captured?

Whilst we can make every report unique to your child a number of key elements will be captured for every report.

  • Time/date
  • Antecedent
  • Behaviour
  • Consequence (your response)
  • People present
  • Location
  • Injury
  • Duration
  • Severity
  • The driver of behaviour (Function)

This allows us to create a live visual analysis of the challenges facing your child and family. Backed up by evidenced-based data collection systems. This collates information about your child’s environment, interactions and wellbeing.

What challenges you_(1).jpg

Data Protection and GDPR statement

What is the process?

You contact us then we set up your data collection form. This is a simple online form that can be completed on a phone, laptop, tablet or PC/Mac.

We email you detailed instructions about how to complete the form effectively.

After every incident, you are concerned about you simply complete the form, the rest of the process is automated behind the scenes.

Behaviour severity record

Once we have some data we will start developing your report, This will be a mix of graphs and narrative analysis. You will be able to see this develop over time. Prior to a meeting or review, we will email you a PDF to print and share. You have access to the data at all times and we will only capture your child’s first name to maintain full privacy.

Positive Behaviour Support

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