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ECTs: Flipping the Narrative on Special Educational Needs and Disabilities.

Collated by the inspirational Elly Chapple (visit her site CanDoElla here) this list of top tips for ECTs (Early Career Teachers) and those working in education is essential reading. It features contributions from top educational authors, teachers, parents, SENCOs, school governors and caring passionate people. All of the people who contributed to this list of top tips have lived the ethos of seeing the child as a human, not a label and going above and beyond to ensure everyone is treated fairly and with respect. It is essential these values are passed to the next generations to educators to ensure the needs of all children are met.

Elly chapple website Can do Ella - Flip the narrative

15 Top Tips for ECT’s Working with SEN pupils

Here are 15 key points from the ebook Tips for ECTs from #TeamSend #FlipTheNarrative”:

  1. Build strong relationships and really get to know each student individually.
  2. Communicate openly and positively with parents/caregivers – they know the child best.
  3. Be patient, flexible and creative in your approach to meet each student’s needs.
  4. Focus on progress over perfection – celebrate small wins.
  5. Ask for help when needed – collaborate with specialists and experienced educators.
  6. Tweak and adapt teaching methods if something isn’t working. Reflect constantly.
  7. Address behavior as communication – figure out the underlying cause.
  8. Foster an inclusive, encouraging classroom community.
  9. Use visual aids, multisensory teaching and hands-on methods.
  10. Incorporate student interests into lessons to build engagement.
  11. Scaffold instruction and use adaptive teaching to support diverse learners.
  12. Listen closely to students – observations inform teaching.
  13. Build self-esteem by valuing student strengths and potential.
  14. Establish structure through routines, but allow flexibility to meet needs.
  15. Take care of yourself – your wellbeing enables you to teach at your best.
Top SEN Tips for ECTs
Top SEN Tips for ECTs

Free ECT tips e-Book/PDF

Elly Chapple asked me to collate what started as a twitter thread into an article that would expand the knowledge of those newer teachers who wanted to go into SEN provisions, or to help those working with SEN pupils in their classrooms. It would be great to get it into the hands of as many ECTs as possible. Download and print your own copy using the link above (PDF). I have embedded the tweets in order below. I have to say the tweet that hit home the most was from Hayley Goleniowska. “Believe in my child. She isn’t an inconvenience!”

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The Tweets

Further Reading – Contributors Sites

I have included sites for all those who contributed to this list of top tips for ECTs. Please message me if I have missed anyone. I hope you find their books and resources useful. I know I have.

Dr Sara Ryan – MyDaftlife

Matt Young – UK Pastoral Chat

Claire Grosvenor – CG associates

Barney Angliss – ADLZ Insight

Dr Tim O’Brien – Author Page

Nancy Gedge – Not So Ordinary Diary

Joanna Grace – The Sensory Projects

Jules Daulby – Contact Page

Nina Jackson – Teach Learn Create

Joe White – InclusiveTeach

Hayley Goleniowska – Down Side Up

Sally Phillips – IMDB listing

Claire R – Chatterpack UK (Great SEND monthly newsletter)

Pancake Puns – The Tetra Pod

Helen Weston – 2 Tubies

Sarah Dove – Phoenix |education Consultancy

Head For Nothing – Thoughts of a headteacher

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