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Diversity: 3 Great Picture Books

Picture Books About Inclusion and Diversity For School and Home

6 Great Picture books about diversity

Diversity in society is a really important topic to start addressing with children as soon as possible. This is especially true for children in a special school they are already marginalised in certain sections of society. I found these books when looking to resource our RSE curriculum which in primary has a real focus on family and community. We did not receive these as products to review they are genuinely useful and worthwhile reads and diversity and inclusion in society.

The Girl With Two Dads

The girl with two dads diversity book

I think it is so important that children see themselves represented during storytime. This book is not heavy handed in its approach to same-sex parenting. The characters discuss all types of family, their parents jobs etc. This book is great for building discussions around the variety of family types. Children accept diversity if it we represent in the material we expose them to. The Girl With Two Dads does this brilliantly. It tackles the questions raised by the main characters peers when they see her being dropped off by a different dad on different days.

All Are Welcome

all are welcome diversity book

Celebrating the diversity found within a school community this fantastic picture book emphasises the importance of inclusion. An ethos of belonging and the value of cultural diversity run through this book. Like the other books in the post children will enjoy seeing themselves represented in the images and stories within. Set solely witin a school setting All are welcome is perfect for whole class storytelling.


All Kinds of Families

all kinds of families RSE curriculum book

This book contains so many positive and warmhearted examples of diverse family set ups. The book draws inspiration from human and animal families of all descriptions. Never judgmental it purely puts forward the family groups. All the families in the book share common values of love and safety.

We hope you enjoyed our reviews of these three books for introducing diversity into your storytelling sessions. Diversity and inclusion in society and schools is so important and books can help reinforce this message. We also really like the Eddie series written by Nikki Saunders. She relates her sons experience of Autism in these great books. Nikki was kind enough to do an authors Q&A for inclusiveteach. Read it here.

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