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Nikky Saunders wrote the My Awesome Autism book about a little boy named Eddie as he shares his findings about his autism and teaches his readers in a cheerful playful way! Eddie helps all children learn about their autism diagnosis and how “we are all different!”. This can be a huge relief for the child to understand that they are truly wonderful as they are. If you are interested in other SEND books check out our database of education books.

Thank you Nikki! My Awesome Autism is available on Amazon, but also being published making it accessible for everyone, shops and online in paperback, hardback and audio. The Kindle edition is available to read for free with a free trial of Kindle unlimited.

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My Awesome Autism can act as a communicational gateway between the child and the parents/caregivers. It helps to open up the subject in a gentle and nurturing way. The colourful, eye catching illustrations are carefully designed in simple 2D characters, sensory colours with simple contrast and clear short sentences allowing space to process in the child’s own time.

This book was first made for Nikki’s son, then blossomed to help children and families all over the world! I asked Nikki to contribute to this question and answer session as I knew this book would be of interest to our readers.

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Questions about “My Awesome Autism”

Q1. What was your aim in writing a book about Autism?

My Awesome Autism, was written for my son, to help him understand his autism. He is 9, and began to question a lot of things at school and then question why he has so many questions.

My aim, from this, was to reach out to other families, other parents and children in need of an easily accessible, visual doorway to being this to them too!

Q2. How did your son respond when he first read the book?

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It was time. This book normalised and encouraged these conversations in our house, it was just brilliant for us both. He then was very relieved that he didn’t have to try and struggle to understand “everything other people do.” Which was lovely. He is very proud of this book! 

Q3. What is the best feedback you have received?

I have had amazing feedback, the first one I read made me feel very emotional, but I was just so happy for them as a family (see photo).

My awesome Autism feedback.jpg

Q4. What has supporting your son taught you about life?

My son has taken me on a beautiful journey, it has its moments like all. But he is one of many, who teach patience, gratitude and kindness. I’ve managed to reach out to so many families helping them in ways I never thought was possible for myself. I had to share this feeling of relief and positivity. It educates other children and parents/teachers and carers too. I have now gone on to write a little girls version, and “my friend with autism.”

Q5. If you could share one thing about Autism with teachers what would it be?

If I could share one important thing with teachers about autism, (this is hard as I have so many) but if a child is having a meltdown, you don’t need to speak, it’s like another radio going off for them to process. Be calm, be kind and be patient. 💙

My Awesome Autism Book review

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