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Interview Questions: Student Panel

Student Panel Interview

The student panel interview is now an accepted part of the recruitment process for any job in a school, whether that be Headteacher, teaching assistant, midday meals or teacher. The student/pupil panel can be very perceptive and often know what qualities indicate a candidate would be suited to a position at their school. How much sway the student panel has over the final selection will vary by school. SLT will probably vet or suggest the questions but most are from the students themselves and give you an insight into the school culture. Often the school council members form the panel. You can get an idea of who this might be if there is a school council display board.

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There is usually a member of the main recruitment panel present observing your interactions with the children. As with other elements of the interview process make this as much about the children as possible. Bring your answers back to how you will put the children at the centre of your practice. Building a dialogue rather than short simple answers can help, you can also use this to find out about the school priorities from the student’s point of view which you can refer back to during the formal interview process.

Don’t try and be cool. Having their best interests at heart is better than sharing their interests. Build rapport but trying hard to impress will not gain you extra points. Come across as genuine and interesting, effectively you are telling a story with yourself as the central character and your desire to work in that school as the plot.

This guide will hopefully provide an insight into some of the questions you can expect to face when undertaking a student panel or school council interview, remember that this part of the interview process is designed to complement the other parts. Remember to ask questions back. If you have a student council – What do they think of you?

60 School Council Questions You Might Get at an Interview

60 student interview questions school education

The School Council and Safeguarding

  1. Why is safeguarding important?
  2. Who is responsible for keeping us safe?
  3. What would you do if you were concerned about a student?
  4. Tell us about a time you helped a student with problems at home.
  5. How would you help keep us safe at school?
  6. What do you do to keep us safe online?
  7. What would you do if we told you something in confidence?
  8. Why is it important to protect children?
  9. How does safeguarding help us learn?
  10. If we tell you about a problem one of our friends has what would you do?

About You

  1. Why do you want to work at our school?
  2. What achievement are you most proud of?
  3. Why did you want to become a teacher?
  4. What do you like to do for fun?
  5. What’s your favourite year group to teach?
  6. Tell us your favourite joke.
  7. Who is your favourite superhero, and why?
  8. What would be your superpower and your superhero name?
  9. If you couldn’t be a teacher, what would you do?
  10. Tell us something no one at your current school knows.
  11. Who do you look up to/aspire to be like?
  12. Who is your hero and why?
  13. What’s your favourite book/author?
  14. What is your favourite food?
  15. What’s your favourite colour?
  16. What is your favourite animal?
  17. Who is your favourite famous person?
  18. What is your secret talent?
  19. If you were an animal which one would you be and why?
  20. What three words would your current class use to describe you?
  21. What is a risk that you have taken in your life?
  22. Are you an outstanding teacher?
  23. Tell us about your hobbies.
  24. What do you want to achieve in the next 5 years?
  25. What personal success are you most proud of?


  1. What do you know about British values and how can you promote them?
  2. Tell me a lesson you did that was fantastic and what made it so good.
  3. Tell me about a lesson that wasn’t so good and why that was.
  4. What are your favourite subjects to teach?
  5. Do you have any ideas for new after-school clubs?
  6. What was your favourite subject when you were at school and why?
  7. Outline the qualities that make a good teacher?
  8. Describe your ideal classroom?
  9. What do you think it is important we learn? (Intent)
  10. How do you think children learn best? (Implementation)
  11. How do you know children in your class learn? (Impact)
  12. If we were struggling to learn in your class how would you help us?
  13. What can you offer to our school that the other candidates can’t?
  14. What is your favourite teaching resource?
  15. Tell us where you would take us on a school trip. – Be realistic!


  1. What would you do if someone was ‘being naughty‘?
  2. How would you make sure we can learn effectively?
  3. Do you ever shout?
  4. How would you make sure our classroom is safe to learn in?
  5. Will you let us sit next to our friends in class?
  6. What kind of homework do you set?
  7. How would you deal with bullying?
  8. What is more important children’s happiness or their education?
  9. Should we allow children to use phones in school?
  10. What would you do if a child was crying in your class?

I would love to add questions they have asked you in interviews. Please leave them in the comments section.

Update 22nd May 2019: I’ve taken these from my recent Interview.

  1. Which things do you like about our school?
  2. What would you change about our school?
  3. Tell us about your hobbies?
  4. Why is it important to have a school council?
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