If you have ever been a teacher you may well be able to relate to these characters. The bosses everyone dreads having. Those that make you wish David Brent could take over. If you can think of any others add them in the comments!

  1. The Master of Surprise

Will appear when you least expect it. They may be trying to catch you out. They may not. Who can tell?

boss appears

2. The credit taker.

Had a great idea? Project implemented successfully? Oh no you didn’t.

boss to avoid

3. The Quasher of creativity

Its their way or the highway I’m afraid. You are here to do the work they tell you. Keep those ideas to yourself.


4. The Blameshifter

Also see number 2, will take the credit but if something goes wrong. Guess who’s fault that will be!


5. The Helicopter

Want every decision questioned? Do you love having someone looking over your shoulder? Don’t like being trusted? Well you need the helicopter boss.