29 Reasons to celebrate being a teacher.

Shamelessly inspired by this post by Liz Allton My final post of #29daysofwriting is a celebration of teaching.

teacher comedy


Too often teaching is not recognised for the fantastic career it is. I blog to celebrate achievements and share ideas. Sure there are things I would change but here are 29 things I wouldn’t.

  1. The camaraderie, working closely with a team of LSA’s is great. We face the same challenges and share the successes of our students.
  2. Constant variety, no two days are the same, no time to get stuck in a rut.
  3. School dinners!
  4. Fun, as much as we are observed and constrained by outside influences. Lessons can be fun.
  5. Being creative, engagement students is hard work creativity is essential.
  6. Learning, non stop, I’m sure I learn more from the students than they do from me.
  7. School trips, what an adventure!
  8. Training staff in school, a great way to really get to know people.
  9. Training staff in other schools, so many ideas to pick up
  10. Talking to parents, the feedback we get when a child makes progress at home is priceless
  11. Meeting new people, everyday there is a visitor or other professional to discuss things with
  12. Friday afternoons, these are definitely well earned.
  13. Snow day
  14. Student teachers, so enthusiastic.
  15. The Christmas staff panto, shambles but worth it.
  16. Playing with new technology
  17. seeing the students exploring new technology
  18. Communication sessions. For some signing is their first language.
  19. Sharing experiences on twitter
  20. Teachmeets!
  21. CPD, not all great but anther opportunity to mix with colleagues
  22. The energy of a busy school
  23. Having an early morning coffee before anyone else arrives, the peace.
  24. Science lessons, boom!
  25. Celebrating student’s achievements.
  26. Motivation, there’s always something new to learn or apply yourself to.
  27. Paper Mache, or Modrock or just clay.
  28. Being able to help others
  29.  Last but not least, the students, with their energy and individuality.

Thank you for taking the time to read, my blogs this February. Now for March!





  1. This is a great list, Joe. I especially agree with 4,5, and 6. I have never experienced 3 or 13. It would be difficult to place the joys in order. They really need to be displayed linearly!

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