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Teachers: The Real Motivational Speakers.

Educational Motivational Speakers

Inspiration is all around you. To be inspirational is a resource some people harness to make a living out of. There are schools full of people at this very moment who are giving inspirational speeches, to classes, and to individuals. There are those who are changing the ways people think about aspects of their beliefs. Who is challenging the foundations upon which young people have carefully constructed their identities with new ideas and opportunities?

Teachers the real motivational speakers

Every weekend people are sitting at desks and kitchen tables planning lessons that will resonate throughout people’s lives. Bonds and relationships are being created that will be discussed in blogs, books, TED talks and be repeated for generations to come.

Inspiration in the Classroom

If someone chooses to attend a conference or inspirational talk they want part of themselves or their mindset to be changed. If you are a teacher your students will not leave your care the same as they started. You will have learnt a lot from them as well. If you are a leader your colleagues should not leave practicing the same way, they should walk away from interactions feeling down or overwhelmed. We are in a profession that demands accountability, and rightly so. I don’t want anyone walking away thinking they need to complete a task to tick a box but because it is vital. I will not be happy claiming I am a leader until my colleagues are excited to bring me ideas, or even better projects they have completed because they feel empowered.

Shaping the future of children is a huge responsibility, at no point in the future will anyone put so much effort into ensuring our students grow. If we succeed, if we put our all into their education they will leave us having grown, but grown as a whole being. Not just academically, not just with increased confidence, not just taller.

Their success will be coming our of childhood stronger, more highly skilled, and equipped to deal with some of the issues life will throw at them. Hopefully, they will leave inspired by your teaching and remember some of your lessons for the rest of their lives.

Teachers as motivational speakers. Planning engaging lesson quote

Now read the above with an 80s power ballad playing in the background. That’s the ideal. That is what we want for our children. Isn’t it?

Now the difference between a teacher and a motivational speaker is you don’t usually get to repeat your presentation. It is bespoke to each class, often to each student. In almost all cases your class hasn’t chosen to be there with you. You have a couple of minutes to hook, engage and inspire those children to complete whatever task or activity you have planned. Throughout the next hour, you will have to reengage, motivate and focus those students to achieve.

Day after day teachers get up in front of classes or down onto the carpet with their charges and inspire them.

Inspiring Talks by Educational Motivational Speakers

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