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A Christmas Sensory Story: Are you an Elf?

Free Christmas Sensory Story for PMLD/SLD pupils

Slightly different from a more traditional sensory story Are You an Elf Christmas Sensory Story is one of our free “Dressing up” Sensory Stories. Throughout the story the learner will become an Elf.

Are you an Elf Christmas Sensory Story

As with any activity the storyteller needs to be attuned to the learner’s individual sensory preferences. Nothing about this sensory experience should be aversive. It will be up to the storyteller to involve the learner as much as possible in the storytelling experience. Wherever possible communication should be encouraged, this may be eye contact, preferences, consent. The learner should be as active a participant as possible fully empowered – if they don’t want the Elf hat on then fine – you wear it!

If you need to adapt this story to meet an individual’s needs do so. When reading it you must be fully involved. Have fun, express and emote the spirit of a Christmas sensory story throughout. As long as the learner is enjoying it you can’t go wrong.

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Download the printable, editable Are You An Elf? Christmas Sensory Story Here as a Zip File.

Essential Sensory resources

A Mirror – This will be securely placed where the learner can see it. I use a perspex mirror designed for young children as it is light and safe. I have used car mirrors that attach to the headrest to allow parents to see their baby.

A box to keep the resources – you can reveal them from the box to build anticipation and joint attention. You really have two choices here – to have a consistent sensory story box, or to use a themed box i.e a Santa sack for this one or a treasure chest for the pirate story.

Are you An Elf? Specific Christmas Sensory Story Resources

These are the recommended resources needed for the story. Please use what you have, what the learners will enjoy and what you will enjoy delivering!

  • Felt/Floppy Shoes
  • Small Hammer/Tin Foil wrapped card
  • Candy Cane/Wrapped Card
  • Wrapped Box as Present – fill with beads etc for auditory input.
Are You an Elf? free Christmas Sensory Story for PMLD learners

Are You An Elf?

You might be an elf if you have…
Stripy red socks

You might be an elf if you have…
Bright green hat.

You might be an elf if you have…
Jingly gold bells.

You might be an elf if you have…
Furry trimmed coat

You might be an elf if you have…
Big pointy ears

You might be an elf if you have…
Floppy green shoes

You might be an elf if you have…
Tiny shiny hammer

You might be an elf if you have…
Sticky candy cane

You might be an elf if you have…
Colourful wrapping paper


We hope you enjoy this Christmas Sensory Story. Please have a look at our other free Sensory stories here.

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