50 Objects Starting With X

50 Objects Starting With X That You Should Be Able To Find For Your Classroom

The elusive letter “X”! It’s like the undercover spy of the alphabet—always hiding in plain sight, masquerading as a consonant, and leaving us scratching our heads. When finding objects that start with “X,”. Teachers need to get creative with magnifying glasses and detective hats, Operation X-Files (no, not the TV show; that’s a different kind of mystery). You may also like our post on Object that start with A

The teacher stands at the front, holding a mysterious box labelled “X-Treasures.” The children lean in, their imaginations buzzing like bees in a field of Xylocarps. “What’s inside?” they whisper, their tiny fingers itching to explore. “Welcome, my fellow letter detectives,” the teacher declares. “Today, we eXplore into the realm of X-ceptional objects. An EXpedition to find the most interesting objects, repeat after me: ‘X marks the spot!’” 50 Objects Starting With X That You Should Be Able To Find For Your Classroom, or at least a photo of.

Food Items Beginning With X

  • Xylocarp: A type of fruit.
  • Xoconostle: A variety of prickly pear.
  • Xigua: Another term for watermelon.
  • Xylitol: A sweetener.
  • Xanthan Gum: A thickening agent.
  • Xouba: A type of sardine.
  • XO Sauce: A flavorful condiment.

Animals Beginning with X:

  • X-Ray Tetra: A small fish.
  • Xerus: A ground squirrel.
  • Xanthippe’s Shrew: A lesser-known shrew species.
  • Xantic Sargo: A type of fish.
  • Xantus’s Hummingbird: A bird species.
  • Xeme: A small gull.
  • Xingu River Ray: A freshwater stingray.
  • Xalda Sheep: A breed of sheep.
  • Xuthus Swallowtail: A butterfly.
  • Xenosauru: (Note: This is a dinosaur.)

Household/Office Objects Starting With X:

  • Xerox Paper: Used for printing and copying.
  • Xerox Machine: For photocopying.
  • ‘X’ Scrabble Tile: A game piece in Scrabble.
  • Xbox: A gaming console.
  • Xbox Controller: Used to play games.
  • Xbox Game: The Game (Are We stretching the uses of Xbox here?!)
  • X Alphabet Block: A toy block with the letter X.
  • X-Shaped Cookie Cutter: For baking cookies.
  • Xylograph: A wood engraving.

Clothing Items:

  • XL Shirt: A larger-sized shirt or XXL Sweatshirt: An extra-extra-large sweatshirt.
  • X-Cut Swimsuit: (Note: This might be a creative swimwear design.)

Outdoor Items starting with X:

  • Xyris: A type of flower.
  • Xeronema: A plant.
  • Xanthorhiza: A shrub.
  • Xanthocyparis (Alaskan Yellow Cedar): A tree species.
  • Xenoblast: A crystal found inside rocks.

Vehicle Starting With X (Well Just 1)

  • Xebec: A Mediterranean sailboat.

Space-Related X:

  • X-Rays: High-energy electromagnetic radiation.
  • X-Ray Burster: A celestial object emitting X-rays.
  • X-Ray Binary Star: A binary star system emitting X-rays.

Xey Instruments:

  • Xylophone: A musical instrument.
  • Xafoon: A bamboo saxophone.
  • Xiaocha: Small cymbals.
  • Xun: A traditional Chinese instrument.

Body Parts starting with X:

  • Xiphoid: A small part of the sternum.
50 Classroom Objects Starting with X

    I tried my best to come up with objects you may be able to find, some of these items are quite obscure, but they can be interesting for word games or expanding vocabulary. Here are some other items that begin with X, I hadn’t heard of most of these but you may find some of them

    45 Obscure Objects Starting With X

    1. Xanthophyll crayons
    2. Xenops (bird species for biology lessons)
    3. Xenarthran models (anteaters, sloths, armadillos)
    4. Xenoliths (classroom rock samples)
    5. Xerography machines (photocopiers)
    6. Xylographs (wood engraving prints)
    7. Xylographers (wood engraving tools)
    8. Xylocarps (woody fruits)
    9. Xylems (plant biology models)
    10. Xylographic art supplies
    11. Xylographic T-shirts (classroom craft)
    12. Xylographs (decorative woodcuts)
    13. Xyloid tables (woodcraft furniture)
    14. Xylological samples (wood varieties)
    15. Xylology books (study of woods)
    16. Xylonite alphabet discs
    17. Xylophonic teaching aids
    18. Xylophonic percussion sets
    19. Xylophonic chimes (musical toys)
    20. Xylophonic xylophones (instruments)
    21. X-ray viewing boxes (science)
    22. X-acto knives (craft supplies)
    23. Xebecs (sailing ship models)
    24. Xenarthra figurines (sloths, etc.)
    25. Xenops (stuffed bird toys)
    26. Xoconostle (Mexican fruit for lessons)
    27. Xocodiz (Mexican candy for lessons)
    28. X-bases (molecular model kits)
    29. Xerographic teaching aids
    30. Xian terra cotta warriors (models)
    31. Xmas alphabet ornaments
    32. Xoloitzcuintli dog figurines
    33. Xavier books (name-related)
    34. Xebec sailing ship mobiles
    35. Xenolith mineral samples
    36. Xylene markers (toxic, not recommended)
    37. Xylographs (woodblock prints)
    38. Xylographic engraving tools
    39. Xylotomic wood splitters (woodshop)
    40. Xylotomous insect displays
    41. Xoconostle candies (Mexican sweets)
    42. Xocolatl drinking chocolate
    43. Xray fish skeletons (biology)
    44. Xystus botanical models
    45. Xyst miniature garden areas
    46. Xoanon figurine (primitive)
    50 Objects Starting With X

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