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7 Tips for unwinding after a challenging day

Okay so this is a bit of a cheat blog, I have used a twitter chat to crowdsource – (tweetsource?) these tips for you. So we have advice from a range of connected educators all in one place!

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I asked the question: What is the best advice you have received on unwinding after a challenging day?

We received some great replies, which I may have paraphrased a bit to make them fit on an image. However you can read the original tweets at the bottom of this post. What would be really great though is if you could add your own ideas into the comments section or tweet me.

The general consensus seems to be to treat tomorrow as a brand new day, to take time to process your thoughts and reflect on what has happened to ensure you end one day in a way that doesn’t leave you dreading the next. Easier said than done I hear you cry. But this is where a positive attitude is essential

Another common theme is that of reminding yourself that teaching is such an important job, and of the positive impact you have on the lives of the children you teach.

Distraction from your job and having a hobby were two other tips from Amy, her hobby is pottery.

Now I find this next point  really difficult to accomplish. Especially as I write this blog at home. I also find it better to devote a bit of time to clarifying my thoughts and working through anything I’m worried about so downtime is not filled with nagging issues.

So to sum up @Scatti1 reminds us we can control what tomorrow will be like, or at least how we will approach it.

If you don’t already follow these guys I really recommend you do.


Through the power of Canva and Typorama these have been transformed into printable quotes for you to share. I have used royalty free images from Upsplash Please feel free to use them however you like.  simpsons relax.gif

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