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6 Quick Tips For Reducing Stress And Anxiety

Guest Post: Reducing Stress And Anxiety Stress and anxiety is a normal part of life that everyone experiences to some degree. Sometimes it can feel like your life is being controlled by these negative feelings. Especially at times when the future is uncertain and the present is unstable. It’s important to remember you have control… Continue reading 6 Quick Tips For Reducing Stress And Anxiety

Supporting children with health and hygiene routines
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Hygiene Routines and SEND

This post outlines the questions and suggested strategies from the #SENexchange discussion on Life Skills: Health and Hygiene routines. You can download a PDF of the collated discussion below. Please share if you think this will help someone. Life Skills- Health and Hygiene in SENDDownload What barriers do people with Sensory Processing differences face with… Continue reading Hygiene Routines and SEND

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13 Questions to ask to ensure you are an inclusive school.

This is blog post is primarily school-based and SEND focused, but can any education or care setting that strives to be truly inclusive should be able to use this as an environmental and relational approach based checklist or simple inclusion audit tool. Before you start looking at strategies or labeling a child's actions as challenging… Continue reading 13 Questions to ask to ensure you are an inclusive school.

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7 Tips for unwinding after a challenging day

Okay so this is a bit of a cheat blog, I have used a twitter chat to crowdsource - (tweetsource?) these tips for you. So we have advice from a range of connected educators all in one place! I asked the question: What is the best advice you have received on unwinding after a challenging… Continue reading 7 Tips for unwinding after a challenging day

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The Importance of Wellbeing #Teacher5aday

Soon after discovering twitter I stumbled upon the #teacher5aday initiative. This is basically an attempt to encourage educators to reflect on how they can focus on their own well-being. Workload and stress are widely reported in the TES and other media. The great thing about #teacher5aday is that it doesn't dwell on these but attempts… Continue reading The Importance of Wellbeing #Teacher5aday

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The Wellbeing Curriculum 2015

After Attending the Child Internet Summit I was inspired to develop a new curriculum to replace our PHSE and Citizenship curriculums. I wanted to move the focus for online safety away from computing and ensure that whilst it is threaded throughout the curriculum there was an area we could focus on online issues in a cohesive manner.… Continue reading The Wellbeing Curriculum 2015