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13 Questions to ask to ensure you are an inclusive setting.

This is primarily SEN focused but can any truly inclusive setting should be able to use this as a checklist. Before you start looking at strategies or labeling a child’s actions as challenging ask yourself these questions. They could form an initial discussion with your team. If you cannot answer Yes to the first 13

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The Importance of Wellbeing #Teacher5aday

Soon after discovering twitter I stumbled upon the #teacher5aday initiative. This is basically an attempt to encourage educators to reflect on how they can focus on their own well-being. Workload and stress are widely reported in the TES and other media. The great thing about #teacher5aday is that it doesn’t dwell on these but attempts

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The Wellbeing Curriculum 2015

After Attending the Child Internet Summit I was inspired to develop a new curriculum to replace our PHSE and Citizenship curriculums. I wanted to move the focus for online safety away from computing and ensure that whilst it is threaded throughout the curriculum there was an area we could focus on online issues in a cohesive manner.

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