My Work Playlist

Music to aid concentration

Working should be fun. (I have decided to start all the remaining blogs of #29daysofwriting with a controversial statement.). Music is great for your well being, memories, focus, physiological benefits. So as part of #teacher5aday include some tunes!

The Songs

These are songs that I can work to, not songs I listen to everyday. I am a procrastinator. When I sit down to focus on work I need as few distractions as possible, I need songs I know the lyrics to so I’m not listening too hard (if that makes sense) or preferably songs that don’t have words. These are the core of my work playlist.

This is a great tune to write blogs to, a 1978 Jazz classic, and I am not really a fan of Jazz. This song features heavily in the Harry Bosch series of Novels. Bosch often puts Art Pepper on when he is reviewing a case. At least 10 of these blogs have been written whilst listening to this song.

This piano piece is very relaxing and another excellent track (and the album of the same name) to write to. This got me through my PGCE. Soothing and not distracting.

Generally if I’m working I can’t listen to music with words but I really like the sparse repetitive beat to this song. It is an unrecorded Bob Dylan track resurrected by Marcus Mumford.

Sometimes with music the song is not as important as the emotions, feelings and atmosphere that hearing it recalls. The year was 2001, first year at University, Napster, £1 pints, friendship.

I love the creativity in the Postmodern Jukebox covers. Very easy to listen and type to. I have no idea why he is dressed as a clown.

I love the whole soundtrack of Oh Brother where Art Thou.

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