7 Times New Girl Summed up being a Teacher

What Teachers Can Learn from New Girl’s Jessica Day

Just a quick lighthearted blog post with lessons teachers can learn from the TV show New Girl: The quirky TV show New Girl stars a plucky, optimistic teacher named Jessica Day, played by Zooey Deschanel. While the sitcom often veers into zany antics, teachers can actually pick up some good tips from Jessica’s character on relating to students and approaching the classroom creatively. Here are a few lessons Jessica Day can teach real life teachers:

  1. See the potential in every student.

Even the most troublesome student has hidden talents and good intentions deep down—you just have to uncover them. Jess looks beyond her students’ grumpy exteriors to cultivate their self-esteem. Bring out the best in your class!

  1. Infuse curriculum with fun and creativity.

Jess turns boring topics into engaging lessons with imagination and arts integration. Can’t get through a unit on fractions? Why not teach pizza fractions with hands-on pizza making! Her passion is contagious.

  1. Bond with students through humor.

Laughter forges connections. Jessica isn’t afraid to be goofy and crack jokes with her students. Find lighthearted ways to joke around with your class (without crossing professional boundaries of course).

  1. Support students’ dreams.

When Winston shares his passion for puzzles with Jess, she goes out of her way to encourage it, even letting him co-teach a puzzle class. Nurture students’ aspirations no matter how quirky.

  1. Embrace a spirit of optimism.

On challenging days, Jessica resets with an upbeat attitude. Teachers set the tone. Spreading joyful energy inspires students.

  1. Collaborate with teacher colleagues.
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The show portrays healthy working relationships between Jess and her fellow teachers. Make time for planning, idea sharing and venting with your co-teachers. Find your support network.

  1. Keep growing.

Jess pursues professional development like karate lessons to improve her teaching skills. Never stop learning new things both in your subject area and about how to reach students.

Amidst the wacky sitcom laughs, New Girl offers feel-good wisdom. Don’t underestimate the influence you have as a teacher to shape your students’ futures. Approach each day with unbridled enthusiasm, find the fun, and believe in your kids. Be the Jess Day your real life class needs!

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