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7 Times New Girl Summed up being a Teacher

Serious post or lighthearted post? Well I am trying to do #teacher5aday29dayswriting so I thought I’d go a little lighthearted for day 19. Here’s one for readers from the USA. ME and Jess have the same Job role so there is an educational link, honest.

When you think you hear a certain word. “I said I’ve got a coughExcuse me

When the head is asked to cover a classmeeting

When Jess stood up for the those who need a little more encouragementput down

When (in the midst of a recruitment crisis) prospective new staff come for a you around

Those times you just have to find a little more patience.spelling

When you plan a lesson you are excited about teachingthis is good

When your friend asks you to go out on a school movie

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