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7 Ways to Harness the Potential of Your Commute

7 Ways to Harness the Potential of Your Commute

Don’t Waste Time Commuting. I have recently gone from a commute of less than 20 minutes walk to over an hours drive each way. That has led to me wanting to find ways to make use of that time. Here…

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Education: Trump or Simpsons

donald trump vs the simpsons

Can you guess who said the following about education Donald Trump: President of the United States, or one of the Simpsons?

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Why is Inclusive Education Essential?

inclusive education quote

Inclusive education is at the heart of education thinking in the UK but seems constantly challenged by policies such as Zero Tolerance behaviour and spending cuts that remove the support so important for our children to thrive in school.

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Stranger Things quotes for teachers.

Inclusive teach logo using stranger things font

Sometimes things in the world get a little too much. Time for another quote based post This time from Stranger Things.

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Social Stories: Hero Cards & Rules

Hero cards Autism transition resources

Social stories are a tried and tested way of teaching social skills but for some learners they are too much. I needed a way to remind a student of the rules but in a way that didn’t single them out as being the focus of the story. Some people will say this won’t work as autistic children can’t generalise…. but anyone who has worked with autism knows a lot of what people say is actually a myth or just does not apply to an individual.

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5 Lessons teachers can steal from films

Free SEN teaching Autism worksheets

Just a lighthearted blog for the end of half term. These are some lessons about teaching from the movies.

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15 Lesson Planning Myths.

free teaching resources

In some schools there seems to be some rules teachers feel they need to follow. No one knows where these rules came from. The dusty typewritten rule sheet lies on an unreachable shelf in the geography cupboard with the old over head transparencies. So here are some rules that you have my permission to break.

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7 Times New Girl Summed up being a Teacher

new girl gifs

Serious post or lighthearted post? Well I am trying to do #teacher5aday29dayswriting so I thought I’d go a little lighthearted for day 19. Here’s one for readers from the USA. ME and Jess have the same Job role so there…

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