Why is Inclusive Education Essential?

Inclusive education is at the heart of education thinking in the UK but seems constantly challenged by policies such as Zero Tolerance behaviour and spending cuts that remove the support so important for our children to thrive in school. So I asked this question of Twitter and share the answers as quotes on inclusion below.

Inclusive education teacher quote

Inclusive education is essential because through extending our imaginations into another person’s world who’s experiences we may not share, we learn to empathise and connect. Those are skills worth teaching our young people. – Mike Armiger

A quote from inclusive teach Autism resources Blog IdeasInclusive education is essential for everyone – Joanna Grace (Site here)

img_0973Inclusive education is essential and should be the norm not the exception – Maja Asif 

Inclusive education teacher quoteInclusive education is essential because school is enhanced by inclusion, diminished without it. – Rodger Caseby (Site here)

inclusive education teacher quoteInclusive education is essential if we are to have inclusive societies, to keep us questioning received wisdom, and because it’s difference (sometimes obvious and sometimes not so obvious) that makes us notice and think anew. – Heidi Lorenz

Inclusive education teacher quoteInclusive education is essential to ensure the long-term health and competitiveness of our economy. – Ty Stober 

A quote from inclusive teach Autism resourcesInclusive education is essential to teach the next generation how the world should be. – Kelly Challis

Inclusive education teaching quoteInclusive education is essential for society to function. – Michael Hunsakar (Blog here)

img_0986Inclusive education is essential to raising good humans. – Shannon Pepin

img_0987Inclusive education is essential full stop. – Rachel Rossi,& #Gifted Parent (Site Here)

img_0988Inclusive education is essential for everyone – Matthew Williams

img_0992Inclusive education is essential for our society to function as a real modern society removing the final barrier to rights for equality & shared value of difference.  – Elly Chapple (Sign a petition Elly is passionate about here)

A quote from inclusive teach Autism resourcesInclusive education is essential in order to feel emotionally, environmentally and physically safe and therefore able to enjoy new experiences and learn. – Tim ward (Check out the Behaviourwise site here)

img_0996Inclusive education is essential to life. – Dustin Chandler

img_0999Inclusive education is essential because not being included means you are excluded! – RK Tenacious

img_1002Inclusive education is essential 1) for an inclusive society. 2) for the benefit of all. 3) to promote understanding, tolerance, kindness, different perspectives, critical thinking and celebration of achievements. – Starlight Mckenzie (Blog Here)

img_1003Inclusive education is essential for personal growth, nurture, positive relationships & experiences of our world in a way that promotes equality & acceptance. – Elaine Hamilton.

img_1006Inclusive education is essential to enable all young people to develop and be supported. – Sam Whittaker

img_1008Inclusive education is essential and should be at the heart of initial teacher training. – Sarah Lachlann

img_1010Inclusive education is essential because it’s a fundamental human right and all human rights are essential.  – Catia Malaquias (Site here)

img_1013Inclusive education is essential for children to feel that they belong. – Alie Cutting


Can you add to these? Put your views in the comments.

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