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CPD for Better Student Outcomes: Why We Need to Prioritise Pedagogy and Address Barriers to Professional Development

This CPD focussed post is based on the recent DFE publication The Working Lives of Teachers and Leaders - Wave 1. This was published in April 2023. Satisfaction and Impact of CPD in Schools 2023 It's heartening to see that the majority of ECTs feel satisfied with their initial teacher training, but they do feel… Continue reading CPD for Better Student Outcomes: Why We Need to Prioritise Pedagogy and Address Barriers to Professional Development

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An Inclusive Blended Learning Strategy for SEND.

This post on the design and delivery of an inclusive remote learning strategy for all our children is published in response to the latest Government lockdown. Many schools remain open to vulnerable and critical worker children. However for a significant number of children there is no on site access to education. This may be due… Continue reading An Inclusive Blended Learning Strategy for SEND.

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Research, Relationships and Reality.

This post will outline the role relationships play in behaviour support, I will also outline some of the research led practices I have used. Before I start I do want to say that I have read studies I do not agree with. I also know that a huge number of studies conducted ON Autistic children/adults focus on strategies intended to normalise social behaviours which is a huge ethical issue. Fortunately I have had the opportunity to listen to and discuss elements of my practice with actually Autistic academics and practitioners. This has greatly shaped my approach and ethos towards behaviour support, I will also admit this has slanted my view of a lot of studies that remove the human element from behaviour and reduce the children to purely objects to study. To this end I fully expect some of the approaches in the post and the presentation to be a bit controversial and I am 100% sure that at least some of them will contravene your school (or center's) behaviour policy.

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Guest Blog: Developing a CPD model

Lynn McCann writes this post about developing an effective model for delivering continuing professional development courses. She supports a range of schools and other educational organisations with students with additional needs. Lynn runs a consultancy business, she is definitely concerned about the outcomes of her support on the children. She supplies a lot of free… Continue reading Guest Blog: Developing a CPD model

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CPD: Essentials for effective training

Training is big business. How big I don't know despite googling this frantically. I have no answer. The reason for this is because CPD is such a wide term. A school's training budget can cover a multitude of areas, non teaching and learning areas such as: health and safety, food hygiene, seagull avoidance, first aid,… Continue reading CPD: Essentials for effective training

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Subject Leader Reviews/Observations

  Subject Leader Reviews - Thoughts on Peer Observation by Joe WhiteMy Wordle on the key points. Can there be anymore sensitive area of a teachers work than that of observations? It has been the bane of teachers lives instilling fear and dread for the weeks prior. Should it still be like this? No, observations… Continue reading Subject Leader Reviews/Observations