5 Engaging Baby Toys (0-6 months)

Poppy is our 5th and youngest. We had passed on most of the old baby toys we had as the others grew up and moved past this stage. So we had to find some new toys for her to play with. These 5 are her favourite toys. The ones she will now reach for and return to the most. We included the Sheep as whilst not technically a toy it is a great investment as helps send her to sleep!

Baby toys for 0-6 months

As Poppy grew and started teething and getting control of her arms and grip she played with these baby toys the most. Some of her toys frustrate her at the moment. She just wants to eat them and explore her toys this way. We have a couple of toys she can’t yet play with or that are too heavy or complex for her.

Her 5 Favourite Baby Toys

These are Poppy’s 5 favourite, tried and tested baby toys at 6 months old.

The Matchstick Monkey

Matchstick monkey baby teething toy

Our friend’s baby had one of these and seemed to love it. We bought one for Poppy on the strength of this. The Matchstick Monkey is so easy for her to grip and manipulate and is her current go-to teething toy. The little brush-like bits on the back of the head are great for teething gums. These come in loads of shapes and colours. Our top teething baby toy recommendation! Buy Here

Freddie The Firefly – Lamaze Baby Toy

Despite getting dropped on the floor multiple times a day this sensory baby toy is a firm favourite. At 6 months old Poppy’s hands are strong enough to grip the wings and hold the weight. She is intrigued by the colours and wings which move around and present an element of challenge to her exploration. Buy Here

Seymour the Seahorse

Crinkle toy baby

Noooooo! I think they have stopped making seymour – part of the Lamaze Crinkles line. This Zebra is the closest thing I could find. Poppy really likes the ease of grabbing this simple baby toy. They crackle when you squeeze them and are visually vibrant. Buy Here

The V-Tech Musical Spinning Wheel

vtech baby toys sensory
Spinning Wheel and Freddie The Firefly

It took Poppy a while to get into this. Once we started weaning we would attach the sucker to the high chair tray. This cool little toy spins around and lights up/makes sounds. She explores this for a good ten minutes while sitting in her chair while we get the food ready. Buy Here

Ewan the Dream Sheep – Noise machine

ewan the dream sheep

Such a soothing cot-buddy! To encourage a restful/calming bedtime we put Ewan on. This noise machine will play heartbeat sounds or a calm tune. Poppy will settle much better when we play the noises and the soft red glow does not disturb her. We use Ewan in conjunction with this lamp as it is easy to move round and adjust the brightness. As it is an LED bulb it does not get hot either. Buy Here

We hope your baby enjoys some of these recommended baby toys. Let us know your favourites in the comments. You may also like our top children’s books, and our awesome Christmas books for children (Literary advent calendar)

Engaging baby toys for presents and development. 0-6 months

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