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Our 5 Favourite Baby Books 6-18m

our favourite baby books 6-18m Wheres mr penguin and peekaboo love two books standing on a white shelf

Our youngest has always been into books, having a grandma who used to run a bookshop can’t have hurt. Being the youngest of five has some benefits when it comes to reading material. We have a lot. Annoyingly we did get rid our some of our books for babies and toddlers. The silver lining is some great new children’s books have been released over the last couple of years. Here is a quick round up of five of her favourite books suitable for babies and toddlers 6-18 months. If you like these check out our sons favourite transport themed books here.

Nosy Crow’s Listen to Baby Books

Listen to the Jungle – Buy Here & Listen to the Seaside – Buy Here

Listen to the sea board book baby books review site baby playing with book with coast themed toys

These two baby books are great fun. It took her until she was almost a year old to manipulate the little sound sensor on each page. Recently (17m) she has begun searching for it and repeating her favourite sounds with a giggle.

One of the benefits of these books is the links they have to many of the toys we have collected over the years. So whilst reading we can play with the animals. It can be fun to recreate scenes and even extend the play into the tough tray.

Listen to the jungle board book with toys in tough tray for early literacy

Make Tracks by Nosy Crow.

Make Tracks: Farm – Buy Here

We actually bought this for our son who was drawn to it in a bookshop. This is a new series of chunky board books the one we have to based on the farm. Each page describes a vehicle and a sliding counter that you “drive” around a track. Brilliant for developing fine motor skills. It features basic vehicle vocabulary with simple first words and clear diagrams. Around the track there are text prompts to encourage discussion. Then trace 5 types of transport around 5 different tracks with a moving counter on every spread and the cover. The perfect book for children who love tractors, horse boxes, and combine harvesters. Full disclosure this may be better for toddlers 16m+ as we have a disconnected roundabout on one page (but easily glued back).

Make tracks book with toy tractor on astro turf. Open to red page this is a tractor

Peekaboo Love Baby Book

Peekaboo Love – Buy Here

This is turning into a Nosy Crow fan post. We have not been gifted any of these books these are books that we have seen in shops or online and bought. Peekaboo Love is her favourite book. We read this everyday, multiple times.

Peekaboo love baby books with cover pink

When she was younger I would slide out the interactive bits and she would push them back in. She has been able to manipulate them herself for a couple of months now. If left to her own exploration it would be damaged by now but with supervision each movable element of the book is sturdy. The art in Peekaboo love is vibrant and engaging.

Peekaboo love by nosy crow books open to page with rainbow and bugs

Where’s Mr Penguin Baby Book With Felt Flaps.

Where’s Mr Penguin – Buy Now

The difference with this book or series of books is that the flaps are felt. This makes them much sturdier and easier for little fingers to manipulate. Where’s Mr Penguin is, like Peekaboo Love, illustrated by Swedish illustrator Ingela P. Arrhenius. Vibrant clear images bring each character to life as you go on a hunt through the wintery landscape in search of more animals.

wheres me penguin by Nosy crow book review
Where's mr whale baby book with felt flaps

Colours Early Baby Books

Jane Foster’s Colours – Buy Here

I wasn’t a big fan of this book that we have had since she was first born. However she liked looking through and getting me to repeat the name of the images on each page. It is a great book for introducing colours and simple vocabulary. In the picture below you can see we used it to theme all the items on her tray, matching them to the page of the book.

jane fosters colours book review baby books with baby sitting in high chair playing with green toys

We hope you enjoyed looking at five favourite baby books. What books does your toddler enjoy exploring? Let us know in the comments. The links in this post are affiliate links which will not cost you an extra penny but if you buy a book within 24 hours of clicking on them we earn a very small commission that helps pay for the hosting of the website.

5 baby books covers with image of baby playing and reading with alphabet background. Text read our favourite baby books 6-18m

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