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Three Transport Books for Children 2-4

These three transport-themed books are firm favourites in our household. Vehicles and transport are always popular themes from Early Years to Journey planning in secondary school. Have a look at my transport-themed teaching resources. These have been chosen as they passed the test of holding the attention of our younger children. They are good quality and well-made books. although each EYFS transport book is quite different we can recommend them all. You may also like our Farm Books post suitable for children from 6 months to 10 years old.

Transport books for early years. Car, car, truck, jeep

Transport Book 1: Car, Car, Truck, Jeep

Car, car, truck, jeep is designed for the youngest readers and contains colourful images. It is written in the style of Baa Baa Black Sheep so the children can really get into the rhythm of the book. It is also the shortest and printed on thick card pages for younger hands.

Buy the book here.

car, car, truck jeep transport book for young children 4 vehicles at a garage

First Hundred Machines

first hundred machines transport book and toy digger early literacy

Lots of types of vehicles in this transport themed book. We enjoyed finding the corresponding toy car from the box (some of these are mine from 40 years ago so we have a few). There is a lift the flap page at the end which the boy enjoyed.

Different vehicles pointing in child’s book. Drawn illustrations of emergency vehicles

Prompt questions on each page allow discussions about the vehicles. But the book “First hundred machines” here.

Lift the flap children’s vehicle book for eyfs. Child’s hand opening flap

Look, there’s a submarine!

A great little book. Lots of familiar elements from under the sea for children to explore.

Looks there’s a submarine transport book front cover children’s board book teaching

Buy the transport book “Look there’s a submarine” Here.

Fish and sea turtles baby book

We would love to hear what your child’s favourite transport themed books are. Let us know in the comments. We have really enjoyed reading these EYFS transport themed books to our children over the years.

Child with three books on transport themed rug eyfs

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