SEN Teacher: Transport Topic 1

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Here are some of the resources I have made and used so far for our new Transport and Journeys topic. Second resources post here. These are the tried and tested ones. Many use widgit software symbols. Some are designed as worksheets but most to be laminated and used as folder tasks, repeated with practical resources. In this case toy cars etc. Anyone working in SEN knows the value of velcro.

To start with we begged and borrowed as many practical resources as possible, old Brio tracks, toy cars, model planes. Then it was a ideas session (ongoing!) what can we use these for, what else do we need, can we link to communication targets…. How can we meet all sensory needs, sounds, feel, taste, movement. I have tried to make the resources look as adult as possible as my class are 14-16 but depending on your class’s needs this could be used in early years to 6th form.

Mostly – how can we use the topic to engage our students in learning. My key stage 4 class all have a diagnosis of Autism, some do not use speech as their primary communication method. (In pre-Rochford terms P5-L1) so any “lesson” may consist of a range of activities individually completed or in pairs/small group. This may have to be adapted on the day according to tolerances etc so all barriers to learning are reduced.

When we say topic we link as any things as we can in with it maths, literacy, PHSE, science, vocational skills, ASDAN. So throughout the day every lesson is at least themed to Transport. As well as standard subjects we have group interaction sessions (games, turn taking, reciprocal social interaction) I will put these resources up as we make them (team effort).

The first batch of sheets/tasks are all downloadable in one file HERE. (all free)

I have created them as a single powerpoint so you can edit colours, sizes etc just delete the slides you don’t want to print. Please recommend this site if you like/use them.

Printable Roads

First up we have a bit of an abstract idea. Road shapes the perfect size for micro machines that you can cut out and form into pretty much any letter or number then drive on – blow up to A3 for bigger cars.


The parking game.

The idea of this is that you stick the number/word/letter on top of a car and “drive” it to the right parking space, fully editable so you could add names etc.

Vehicle Colour sorting grids.

If you print them out A4 the smaller ones perfectly fit a hot wheels/matchbox car. Change the colours etc to match what you have. For a group activity use bigger sheets of coloured paper.

Size sorting sheets

This one is pretty self explanatory small, medium, and large cars with cut and stick sheet if you need it.

Plane Runway Maths

Next up how many planes fit on the runways. 1 opened ended 1 instructs to put a certain number on each. again blow up to A3 to fit more on! The sheet of planes is included.


Air, Sea, or Land sorting

The next classifies vehicles by where they operate. I wrote work as the learning objective but I’m not happy with the terminology. The little silhouettes can be cut and stuck, my class got this idea straight away but you might prefer photos. Or use the sheets as bases for sorting your toys. Download the Smart notebook – Interactive whiteboard version (with sound!) HERE

Car logo matching worksheet.

The idea is the coloured ones are cut out and stuck over the black and white version. You could use it for a bingo type activity out in the community.

Vehicle Dominoes.

Just plenty of vehicles formatted as a domino set.

Just print this Free Powerpoint File and play!


I have added of few photos of these teaching resources in use so you can see the kind of things they can be used for. This blog is about how to get your students engaged when watching  videos and includes a London underground bingo I used as well. Any requests or comments please contact me. My other resources are HERE

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