SEN Teacher: Transport Topic 2

This posts contains some more transport themed free printable worksheets / folder tasks. These go with my previous post. There should be at least two versions of each one. For writers/pre-writers and including  InPrint (Widgit software) symbols.  Again these are mostly in PowerPoint format so very easy to adapt and edit.

Distance Measuring Worksheet/Communication board

Download Here

A simple sheet for recording the distance a toy car goes when rolled (or pushed!) down a slope in this case some awesome bendy foam packaging. Included is a communication board to aid requesting/commenting for those when receptive or expressive language difficulties (every time I use one I think of more words I need but you get the idea.)

Car Labeling

Very simple worksheet. Label 5 key parts of the car, a matching version (just add velcro!) and a writing version, The arrows are editable so just drag them to different  areas, if you need to (wheels, wing mirrors etc.)

Download Here

Cargo Ship Labeling

We did a practical task testing the capacity of different “container ships” (next entry) this was an extension task. Same as the car above really but with a sheet that can be used as a Jigsaw as well.

Download Here

Cargo Ship Capacity Worksheet

Pile the weights in the boats until they sink and record the total here. If you don’t want to use a worksheet just sort and pile the weights and see which carried the most. This worksheet was a rush job I’ll admit. This container was a pre-packed salad and maybe a bit too buoyant as the weights are very light! Next week we will be using blocks to see how many”containers” the ships will hold. We will then move on to designing and making our own boats and testing these.

Download Here

Number Plate Literacy Task

This is meant to be a bit of fun so could be edited to be a simple writing task. Change the example to whatever you want. You could just gray out some writing as a themed handwriting task etc.  My original idea was to write our names in the style of a personalised plate so replace some letters with numbers.There is a larger version for those who like to write bigger. Also a version that says classmates and one that says friends. Some our students like to be specific.

Download Here

Number Plate Numeracy Task.

Just some sums on a themed worksheet. The four number operations. You should be able to very quickly edit them to your needs. Change the sums, gray out if you need to over write etc.

Download Here







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