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Bullying: Fear and Reflection

“These word are real, the students are real and the situation is real” This is a guest article on bullying by Glyn Lyndon a child behaviour specialist from Progressive Steps. Thoughts of a bully “Look at him, sat there thinking he’s clever!” These were my thoughts about the boy who sat in front of me.… Continue reading Bullying: Fear and Reflection

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15 Lesson Planning Myths.

In some schools there seems to be some rules teachers feel they need to follow. No one knows where these rules came from. The dusty typewritten rule sheet lies on an unreachable shelf in the geography cupboard with the old over head transparencies. So here are some rules that you have my permission to break.

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Our Favourite Resources #SpEdSC

    This well I asked Twitter, through the special education slow chat (#SpEdSC) to share their favourite resources to use in their classrooms.  Some high tech ideas and a good helping of classic resources. Communication was a big topic as was engagement and interaction. People used a range of resources and in a host… Continue reading Our Favourite Resources #SpEdSC

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10 Game Of Thrones Quotes For Teachers

There are some excellent lessons us educators can take  from George RR Martin's epic tale of the fight for the throne of Westeros. Friendship, struggle against adversary, loyalty to name just a few. Here are a selection of quotes that you may find apply to you or your students. "Once you’ve accepted your flaws, no… Continue reading 10 Game Of Thrones Quotes For Teachers

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A Discussion on Inclusion (SEND)

Why Discuss Inclusion? This article is an account of a professional discussion on inclusion between teachers, SLT, parents and carers. It is essential that inclusion is a subject that we discuss regularly. Inclusive education is an issue has an impact on every school and every classroom. It is an area close to many people’s hearts… Continue reading A Discussion on Inclusion (SEND)

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The Importance of Wellbeing #Teacher5aday

Soon after discovering twitter I stumbled upon the #teacher5aday initiative. This is basically an attempt to encourage educators to reflect on how they can focus on their own well-being. Workload and stress are widely reported in the TES and other media. The great thing about #teacher5aday is that it doesn't dwell on these but attempts… Continue reading The Importance of Wellbeing #Teacher5aday