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    Education Recruitment: Interviews & Job Application Guide

    The Ultimate Guide to Securing Jobs in Education collates all the articles relating to educational recruitment, interviews, and the application process. This comprehensive guide is a valuable resource for aspiring school leaders, teaching assistants, teachers and SENCOs who are passionate about working in schools.

    My background is Special educational needs (SEN) so a lot of the articles are focussed on this element of education recruitment. Schools provide vital support and inclusive education to students with diverse learning requirements. They offer a unique and rewarding teaching experience that requires a specialised skill set and a deep understanding of individual needs.

    Having worked in SEN schools for my entire teaching career, I have witnessed firsthand the transformative power of inclusive education. The bond built with students and the chance to make a real difference in their lives make working in special schools incredibly fulfilling.

    In this guide, you will find a wide range of topics that cover every aspect of securing a job in special schools. From writing a standout application letter to preparing for a successful interview, we aim to equip you with the necessary tools and insights to land your dream job in the special education field.

    One of the key purposes of our site as a whole is a focus on understanding the unique requirements and challenges of working with students with special needs. We delve into different types of disabilities, learning disorders, and behavioural concerns that you may encounter, providing practical strategies and resources to address these throughout our posts.

    Whether you are just starting out on your journey to become a special education professional or looking for ways to advance your career in this field, The Ultimate Guide to Securing Jobs in Special Schools is your go-to resource. By following the advice and insights shared in this guide, you will be well-prepared to embark on a fulfilling and impactful career in special education.

    Working in special schools or specialist provision is not a job for everyone and that is why the recruitment process is so important. As a school leader I am always seeking ways to improve the process, both for the school and for the job applicants – Here is a reflection about making the interview process more inclusive. I have seen potentially fantastic candidates struggle due to both nerves and a lack of preparation.

    Finding your Why?

    It can be really difficult to make the jump to a new role or school. I would suggest if you have only worked in mainstream schools that you arrange a visit to the school or a discussion with an teacher. It will be very different but your skills working with children will be just as applicable. I have worked with brilliant staff who have moved into education from other industries.

    Primarily these have been care roles or nursery, but also retail, construction and straight from education themselves. One of the common things most successful applicants have is a secure knowledge of why they are applying for the job. I really recommend this book by Simon Sinek for shaping your own thoughts on developing your “Why”. Once you know this you can really start making your interview answers unique and memorable. It is one thing to provide a solid answer, to say your are passionate about education, but quite another level if you can demonstrate this throughout the recruitment process.

    I hope you find these articles useful. These have been written to help people get started in a teaching career in SEN. Sometimes a person’s passion for the job can be diluted by the recruitment process and their true skills be hidden by nerves. If you only take away one thing from reading these I hope that it is the importance of being authentic in your answers. I have interviewed a lot of people and had quite a few interviews in my career – not all successful by a long way! I have taken something away from each one and hope that you can do the same.

    Interview and Recruitment Articles

    Articles Written For Teaching Assistants

    As a teaching assistant, staying current on issues in education is important for effectively supporting instructors and students. This section features articles written specifically with TAs in mind. Recent topics covered include how to lead productive study sessions, strategies for facilitating group work, and best practices for providing written feedback on assignments. Whether you’re a new or returning TA, you’re sure to find pieces offering practical advice and fresh perspectives on teaching techniques, classroom management skills, and navigating common challenges encountered in the role. The articles aim to enhance your pedagogical knowledge and tool kit so you can make the most of each career opportunity that comes your way.

    Interview Articles for Special School Teachers

    Recruitment Articles For School Leadership Roles

    External Links to Education Job Sites/Resources

    • The TES Jobs pages – A good place to start your search the TES is a key recruitment website for schools
    • Kent-Teach – We are a Kent-based education site so I have included Kent Teach which is the site we advertise our vacancies on. Also lots of interesting blogs about education and other recruitment guides.
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