It’s not what you do, it’s why you do it.

Audio version below.

If I write that I fully understand the issues faced by my students, and can immediately identify the best intervention to support them I am dangerously deluded. If I expect my students to fit in with my highly differentiated learning environment and excel I will be failing them.

If I apply all the alternative communication systems consistently, and expect all communication based frustrations to evaporate. I will not succeed in interpretation of every communicative behaviour. If I apply every piece of evidence based practice and every initiative that has proved successful in the past, I will still not be providing the best possible education.
If my team support the students too much they will be limiting their life choices. If they leave the child to become frustrated, they will be reinforcing a deficit the child has had applied to them by our curriculum.

Education in a neurodiverse learning environment is a balance of techniques and experience, that we should strive to provide both at the right time, and in the right way. For the whole time the child is in our care. Not because we think they seem like a good idea but because we believe they will be effective at that time. We should also not be afraid to cast them aside if they are not.
We are not responsible for league tables or creating outstanding academies but of providing the education our children need to succeed.



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