The SAS Survival Guide: A SchoolLeadership Manual.

The SAS Survival Guide as a School leadership manual

The SAS Survival Guide as a School Leadership Manual.

This compact and practical guide endeavours to empower you with the necessary tools to tackle a multitude of demanding circumstances. However, can its principles be effectively applied to the trials and tribulations of school leadership? No Copyright infringement intended buy a copy here.

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1. Contingency plans.

The SAS Survival Guide: A SchoolLeadership Manual. 1

Solid advice here, have your plans ready, and a backup plan, I have made plans at 7.30 to have them dashed at 8. Then again at 9. If you have procedures in place to deal with the myriad of mini disasters that occur during the day then you will avoid panic and any long-term problems.

2. Keeping your skills and experience current.

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When you find yourself in a difficult situation or caught off guard by an unexpected turn of events you will need all of your knowledge and experience ready to deal with that. Few leadership manuals give you the specific advice you will need. Whether this be the right frame of mind, confidence or just the ability to make a decision on the spot, the more knowledge of your organisation you have the better equipped you will be to deal with this effectively. Notice what is going on around you, get out of the office and connect with those around you.

3. Planning

SAS survival guide leadership planning for school leaders

If you are trying to drive change in an organisation planning is the key to success. The mention of timescale is really important, demands on our time are immense and we need to respond to and manage those demands effectively. In our case the emergency procedures will be staff absence, dealing with urgent student needs. Maybe even our own wellbeing. we should plan for high-impact projects being realistic about our capabilities and the amount of time we will require to complete without exhaustion occurring.

4. Working in a group.

Leadership quote - consider the ability of each team member to deal with likely challenges.

 The key to leadership, identify the strengths of your team members. Nominate the roles each is to undertake. The more well defined the more efficient the project will run. Drop the unfit…? this I’m not so sure can be applied to leadership. it is our role to develop others. Find their abilities, support and mentor. Remember you do not have to have all the skills, an incomplete leader knows how to build a team around them to complement their skills.

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Ensure everyone is familiar with the equipment” Making sure everyone is trained and has the skills they will need to complete the tasks given is vital.

5. Research

The SAS Survival Guide: A SchoolLeadership Manual. 3Saving the best advice until last. It is essential to develop not only an in-depth knowledge of your field. But also your team. The better you know people the better you can support them to achieve your desired outcomes.

Climate can relate to the ethos and culture of your organisation. The speed of the river could be the capacity your organisation has to change, how resistant will people be, and how fast can you expect the flow to take you?

SAS Survival Guide: a leadership manual

Considering its nature as a comprehensive manual for Leadership, it can be confidently asserted that the SAS survival guide is remarkably close to the intended mark. This invaluable resource encapsulates a wealth of knowledge, equipping aspiring leaders with an array of essential skills and strategies necessary to navigate the intricate challenges they may encounter. By delving into the depths of this guide, individuals are bestowed with a treasure trove of wisdom, empowering them to make informed decisions, inspire their teams, and overcome adversities with resilience and tenacity. Rest assured, the SAS survival guide stands as a beacon of guidance, offering a roadmap for effective leadership that is unparalleled in its breadth and depth.

Do you have an idea for a book that could be an unexpected source of leadership advice?

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  1. I like the way you have adapted the survival guide to a guide for school leaders. I think the “rules” pretty well apply to life in general, but specifically to a teaching career. Thanks for sharing so creatively.

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