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Powerful Leadership Lessons From Challenging Times

Lessons From The Coronavirus Pandemic and Other Challenging Times. Research conducted during the pandemic suggests that schools facing challenging circumstances need leaders who demonstrate a broad range of leadership approaches. This study "Leadership for Challenging Times" by Gurr and Drysdale (2020) gives some insight. Skills in these areas are most effective when underpinned by a… Continue reading Powerful Leadership Lessons From Challenging Times

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The Quality of Teaching: Ofsted Framework 2019

Thoughts on the 2019 Ofsted Framework Relating to Curriculum. These are my thoughts on how the 2019 ofsted framework may affect your school and some ideas that may help to formulate your response.  167. The Rounded Quality of Education The OfSTED framework 2019 is interested in the rounded quality of education. This would enable… Continue reading The Quality of Teaching: Ofsted Framework 2019

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Interview Questions: Student Panel

This guide will hopefully provide an insight into some of the questions you can expect to face when undertaking a student panel interview, remember that this part of the interview process is designed to compliment the other parts. Remember to ask questions back. If you have a student council - What do they think of you?

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NPQSL: Final Project

I want to share my project. Examples online are few and far between. I have had to redact some parts and evidence for obvious reasons and being an SEN provision my focus is unlikely to be the same but I hope the content and style should give you some pointers. All I ask is that you take the time to share with your colleagues.

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NPQSL: Sinking Swimming & Surfing

Evaluating Your Education Leadership Success I have based this post on a task for my NPQSL - You can see my final submission here. This terminology comes from a study of a commercial company by Binney, Wilke & Williams in 2005. Given the commercialisation of some aspects of the education system it may be more… Continue reading NPQSL: Sinking Swimming & Surfing

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Are your resources holding you back?

This blog is, and I will say it now - a bit of a ramble, a shambolic collection of half baked ideas. It was triggered by a recent change in my life that has left me carting car loads of stuff to the tip. Moving boxes to one room to tidy another then back &… Continue reading Are your resources holding you back?

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NPQML: Final Reflection.

After about a year I have completed my NPQML. This course is intended for those in middle leadership roles to develop areas of their practice Known as competencies. This was not an easy task but I wished I had undertaken it when I first started my leadership journey. At least having some experience under my… Continue reading NPQML: Final Reflection.

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Creating a Positive School Ethos

Education can be is a very stressful industry to work in. However for the many teachers who would not consider working anywhere else there are ways to make the job much less stressful. In my opinion the ethos and atmosphere of your school, nursery, college can have a huge impact on staff wellbeing, retention and… Continue reading Creating a Positive School Ethos

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NPQML: Reflecting on Effective communication – Meetings

This is a video that I could have used before being a middle leader. The key point isreflecting on what and how you want an audience to hear something, what are the key words and ideas they must buy into to remain engaged and so as not to have wasted everyones time. Firstly the meeting… Continue reading NPQML: Reflecting on Effective communication – Meetings

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Thoughts on Developing Teams: NPQML

Leadership and Developing Teams Written for my NPQML: Project example here. If we acknowledge the validity of the Leithwood et al statement “school leadership is second only to classroom teaching as an influence on pupil learning.” And that the aim of any school is to improve teaching and learning, then supporting teachers has to be… Continue reading Thoughts on Developing Teams: NPQML