Special Education and Inclusive Learning


Darwin: Voyage of the Beagle Multi-Sensory Story

Our Charles Darwin: Voyage of the Beagle multi-sensory story was Written for a Key Stage 4 class. To link with the cornerstones topic “Darwin’s Delight”. There is some quite complex vocabulary so this story fits into our stage 5 immersive…

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Ways of Making Our Homes Comfortable for Children with Disabilities

If your child has a disability or issues with mobility, it’s important to make the home environment comfortable, safe and accessible. The traditional home layout will not always work. Especially if your child uses a wheelchair. When it comes to…

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Covid-19 without words – Charlie and the C Monsters

A new, free to download printable comic and colouring book and six-minute animated film – Charlie & the C Monsters – has been created. This is designed for the unique purpose of explaining non-verbally how Covid-19 is spread. It explains…

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Egypt: Sensory Story

An Egyptian Sensory Adventure This sensory story is for our Ancient Egypt topic. Pharaohs, pyramids and camels all feature in our Egypt sensory story. As with the other stories it is written with a certain need type group in mind….

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Sensory Story: Snow Bear

This winter themed Sensory Story has been written for our “Time” topic where we are exploring the seasons. Snow Bear provides plenty of opportunities for exploring the cold of the Arctic. I have included a subtle message about climate change…

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Behaviour Management: 30+ Habits of Effective teachers.

Over 30 suggested strategies for effective behaviour management. #Education #Teaching.

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The SEND Acronym Guide

SEND acronym guide for education

This guide will provide information about the meaning of over 100 widely used acronyms.

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An Essential Guide to Teaching Phonics in Early Years

Essential Phonics guide for Inclusive EYFS teachers

Written for us by an Early Years leader, this post outlines a suggested phonics session, the activities and routine will be appropriate for all mainstream settings, and with a little imagination to any SEN setting. The phonics session mirrors what I taught to my class. Keeping the same routine really helped my autistic learners and is the key takeaway from this post.

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Special Education: Life beyond school

sensory education resources

f teaching is a vocation then working in the field of special needs is a calling.

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Why is Inclusive Education Essential?

inclusive education quote

Inclusive education is at the heart of education thinking in the UK but seems constantly challenged by policies such as Zero Tolerance behaviour and spending cuts that remove the support so important for our children to thrive in school.

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Making your classroom Inclusive for all learners: Approach

Playmobil children toys around table inclusiveteach logo in corner

This is part two of our post on making sure your classroom is accessible to all learners. Part one looks at making the environment right for all learners. This post looks at the essential human aspect that changes a room…

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Making your classroom better for all learners: Environment

Inclusiveteach logo in corner Playmobil children around classroom table

The importance of an inclusive school learning environment Every student, whether in special schools, an alternative provision or general education classrooms has a dream inclusive classroom. This utopian learning environment will be different for every learner. Some learners may need…

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13 Questions to ask to ensure you are an inclusive school.

Recruitment headteachers senior leadership

This is blog post is primarily school-based and SEND focused, but can any education or care setting that strives to be truly inclusive should be able to use this as an environmental and relational approach based checklist or simple inclusion…

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Remembrance Day: Free SEN resources

remeberence day teaching resources

These are the resources I have made to use with my class to support learning about Remembrance Day this November.  Poppy themed with a UK focus all use similar images and symbols . I hope they are of some use with your children.

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Social Stories: Hero Cards & Rules

Hero cards Autism transition resources

Social stories are a tried and tested way of teaching social skills but for some learners they are too much. I needed a way to remind a student of the rules but in a way that didn’t single them out as being the focus of the story. Some people will say this won’t work as autistic children can’t generalise…. but anyone who has worked with autism knows a lot of what people say is actually a myth or just does not apply to an individual.

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Teaching Alternative Behaviours.

free teaching resources

Many young people I have taught have found efficient and effective ways of communicating a need or a want at some point in the past that then becomes their primary way of communicating. Unfortunate as they grow and develop into…

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10 reasons why NQTs should consider working in specialist provision.

top SEN blog posts

Newly Qualified Teachers – Please Consider Special Schools when you are Job Hunting. If you have recently qualified and looking for a teaching post I would urge you to consider working in a specialist provision, whether that be a PRU,…

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Guest Blog: Developing a CPD model

top SEN blog posts

Lynn McCann writes this post about developing an effective model for delivering continuing professional development courses. She supports a range of schools and other educational organisations with students with additional needs. Lynn runs a consultancy business, she is definitely concerned…

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Autism: Facial Expressions and Interactions.

Autism facial expressions

When you are a teacher of autistic children, you have a really important role in their lives, you are in a position with responsibility to carry out a task that can impact their wellbeing for life. How often do we question our ability to do this? I don’t mean write a lesson plan. I mean educate a child who processes the world differently to you.

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Behaviour: Tips for Managing your emotions.

Behaviour: Tips for Controlling your emotions.

Tips for managing your emotions. Challenging Behaviour: Managing your emotions. Part of my current role involves training the new PBS instructors for the county special schools. This is a great opportunity to ensure a consistent approach and ethos towards challenging…

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