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Remembrance Day: Free SEN resources

These are the resources I have made to use with my class to support learning about Remembrance Day this November.  Poppy themed with a UK focus all use similar images and symbols . I hope they are of some use with your children.


Inclusive Teacher: Hero Cards & Rules

Social stories are a tried and tested way of teaching social skills but for some learners they are too much. I needed a way to remind a student of the rules but in a way that didn’t single them out as being the focus of the story. Some people will say this won’t work as autistic children can’t generalise…. but anyone who has worked with autism knows a lot of what people say is actually a myth or just does not apply to an individual.

Teaching Alternative Behaviours.

Many young people I have taught have found efficient and effective ways of communicating a need or a want at some point in the past that then becomes their primary way of communicating. Unfortunate as they grow and develop into young adults this communicative behaviour becomes a barrier to so many aspects of life. What

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10 reasons why NQTs should consider working in specialist provision.

If you have recently qualified and looking for a teaching post I would urge you to consider working in a specialist provision, whether that be a PRU, special school, specialist unit or residential school. Why I hear you ask? Well here are 10 reasons to start off with It will immerse you in an environment

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Guest Blog: Developing a CPD model

I would like to thank Lynn McCann for writing this post about developing an effective CPD model. Lynn runs a consultancy business, she is definitely concerned about the outcomes of her support on the children. She supplies a lot of free resources and great advice via her website and is always on hand to tweet

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Autism: Facial Expressions.

This blog was prompted after I read this research paper. When you are a teacher of children diagnosed with ASD, you have a job to do, you are in a position with responsibility to carry out a task. How often do we question our ability to do this? I don’t mean write a lesson plan.

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Behaviour: Tips for Managing your emotions.

Behaviour: Tips for Controlling your emotions.

Part of my current role involves training the new PBS instructors for the county special schools. This is a great opportunity to ensure a consistent approach between schools but also to learn from and share experiences with a range of really positive and passionate educators from across Kent. One of the benefits of conducting training

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Challenging Behaviour: 5 reasons your strategies aren’t working.

When faced with displays of behaviour that challenge most schools resort to sanctions and consequences. For some this may work.  If you work with Young people with a special educational need, mental health issues, or those experiencing that most troubling of all childhood issues – Puberty; need you to raise your game and think beyond

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Excellent SEN Blogs to follow: Part 2.

This is a follow up to part 1 there are a huge number of great SEN blogs with ideas, resources, and inspiration  for you to read and engage with. These are just some I have enjoyed reading and wanted to share them with you. Tracey Lawrence – Tweets as @behaviourteach Assistant head, and host of

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Teaching with TEACCH: Autism

One of the main issues I have with labels is the group children with a huge array of skills, interests, talents together and that leads to approaches to their education that try to suggest it will work with anyone who has that label. I have used the TEACCH approach widely but never with the whole

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Excellent SEN Blogs to follow: Part 1.

  These blogs are those that I have visited often and found great ideas, positivity or inspiration for my own writing from. Due to the nature of the blogosphere there are likely to be many great blogs I have missed, some great bloggers are reticent to promote their writing. If you know of a great

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Differentiation in Discipline #Behaviourchat

I feel this may be one of the more contentious blog posts. I am behaviour lead in a special school and PBS instructor for a network for other special schools across Kent. I hold the view that we support our students best when we provide individualised behaviour support plans for our students. Prompted by an

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The Wellbeing Curriculum: Bett 2016

This is an extract from the presentation I gave at The Bett Exhibition on the 22nd January 2016. Links to the original Wellbeing Curriculum posts: Part 1 Part 2 It is our job to remove barriers to learning, in online safety it is often the curriculum that forms a barrier to meaningful learning. The fact

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The ABC of Special Education

A: Access – I need to make sure my students can access the curriculum, the class, community. Everything, and often things that others take for granted. A walk around the block can be an adventure, full of anxiety, fear and exploration. Unpredictable dogs, sudden loud noises, motorbikes, car horns. It can also bring a huge

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Essentials Skills For Teaching in SEN

At no point in this blog am I suggesting that teaching in special education is harder or more challenging than teaching in general. To one extent or other all teachers are teachers of SEN. However those choosing to teach in a specialist or alternative provision need a certain ‘toolkit’ of skills. So in no particular

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Friendship and ASD: A Case Study.

This is a situation that occurred a while ago and now both student’s are a couple of years into their new placements I feel it can be written and anonymity maintained. The names are made up, ‘Jack’ is what one of my current students calls me despite me trying to convince him it’s not my

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Some More Safer Internet Day Resources #SID2016

More online safety Resources #SID2016

Online Safety   Here are some more resources to use with students who require symbol support for #SID2016 or general digital citizenship resources. They are in both PPT format and link to the widgit online site if you have a subscription. I have a second post here with a couple more ideas. A Communication/Discussion Board Here

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SEN Technology: Adaptations and Accessibility.

However you look at it students with additional needs do not have the same access to technology as their peers. Specialist equipment is very expensive. The school may have excellent provision, is this the same at home? In their residential provision? Will the same technology or better be available to them in their future placements?

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