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Basic Makaton Signs For #Teacher5aday #Digiskillshare

I have gained so much from following the #teacher5aday initiatives. I thought I should give something back. So below is my very short video outlining some key Makaton signs you can use with or teach your class.

The benefits of using Makaton with SEN learners:

Makaton is a language programme designed to provide communication skills to children with learning difficulties. It uses signs and symbols to support spoken language and can benefit SEN learners in many ways. Communication is improved as Makaton helps children understand and express themselves better.

The visual elements of signs and symbols make it easier for some learners to grasp concepts compared to spoken word alone. This helps with comprehension, conversation and asking questions. Using Makaton consistently across the school environment provides continuity for students. They learn that the same words and meanings apply in all settings like classroom, playground and cafeteria. Repetition reinforces language skills. Makaton supports inclusion as it gives SEN students a way to participate more fully. They can engage with lessons, social situations and activities that traditional non-verbal forms can’t support. This boosts confidence, wellbeing and develops social skills.

For some learners, Makaton may be their primary mode of communication if speech is limited. It prevents frustration commonly caused by not being able to express oneself verbally. Consistent use of signs ensures EHCP targets around communication and language can be met. Overall, incorporating Makaton benefits SEN students by helping them understand, make themselves understood and fully participate at school through a supported language system. It promotes inclusion, language development and positive learning outcomes.

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Please excuse the video I’m no Dave Benson-Phillips! This post is part of @MrsHumanities #Digiskillshare idea. Teachers sharing a skill, craft or interest everyday in November.

Makaton logo - SEN Learners

Click below to access the Makaton charity’s website for more resources.

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