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People that help us: Printable Resources.

Printable and Practical Resources.

Special education teachers are masters of adapting resources. I want to share these printable resources I have made and used. The focus of this post is the topic of People who help us with a particular focus on the Fire Brigade, the Police and the Ambulance service. There are linked resources on our Transport topic page.

Thanks to a donation of happy Land figures from a Bundle of Books in Herne Bay. I was able to make my lessons on firefighters and police officers a little more engaging and tactile. These toys are so robust that after three years use they are still going strong.

I have two PECS users in my class and 5 other students who use a variety of methods of communication. Even though the range of needs and strengths is vast I like to get the team working together on an activity. Keep reading for the free SEN worksheet download links.

Free printable people who help us SEN book.jpg

The tasks will be differentiated to each so some may be writing and reading, others may be exchanging for PECS reinforcers (the toys in this case) and others will be working on interaction and communication skills.

Free Firefighter sen work tasks.jpg

PECS and vocabulary building.

I made the video below to show how we can use the theme to introduce the “I see” vocabulary for a PECS user. The next stage would be to swap the pages so he has to choose between firefighter and police officer. I make all the books the same so they can be mixed up in this way.

Screen Shot 2017-12-03 at 09.41.09.jpg

Download the complete editable Communicate inprint widgit resources here. You will need InPrint 3 from Widgit Software to open them (Not sponsored links – I think it’s great for anyone working in SEN whether that is EYFS or even adult services).

Teacch communication Firefighters SEN workbooks widgit symbols.

If you don’t need to edit them download the free printable People who help us SEN worksheet PDF books below – you can just print out and even laminate if you are going to re-use them.

Additional Fire Brigade and emergency worksheets.

Click the links below to download each one (Free SEN, TEACCH workstation tasks or use as worksheets or teaching resources)

Loads of other free resources from Inclusive teach on this page.

teach inclusive autism and special education printable resources to download for free. AAC and speech and language specialism.

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