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BackPocketTeacher: Bereavement and Grief in SEND

Backpocketteacher bereavement and grief blog special education

The Birth of BackPocketTeacher Hands up, who returns from school with a bizarre range of things in their pockets? Stickers, symbols, bubbles, raisins, latex gloves…. they’ve all been found in my pockets and also been seen spinning around my washing…

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Essential Sensory Resources

sensory education resources

Many “Sensory” resources can be created from free or existing material, bubble wrap, packaging foam, a little dot of oil on a radiator. Food is easy and usually cheap, rainbow rice or spaghetti. I am a fan of getting outside, feel the breeze, listen to the waves (my school is just above the beach). Sometimes you want something a bit different. These can be used in a sensory room or individually to encourage calming or even concentration. I would love to hear your ideas as well.

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People that help us: Printable Resources.

firemen small world play teaching resources

Free Printable SEN teaching resources focusing on firefighters and people who help us.

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Remembrance Day: Free SEN resources

remeberence day teaching resources

These are the resources I have made to use with my class to support learning about Remembrance Day this November.  Poppy themed with a UK focus all use similar images and symbols . I hope they are of some use with your children.

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Teaching Resources: Twinkl Create

twinkle how to guide resources

One of the most interesting things I found on the Twinkl site was the “create” feature, this allows you to build a range of resources from displays to interactive games to worksheets. Now I’m not the biggest fan of a worksheet but with a bit of laminating they can easily turn into a folder task. I hate seeing folders of random sheets that all use different fonts imagery etc. If I am creating a pack for a topic it is much better that all the resources have a common look and feel. It just looks more cohesive and planned.

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Articles for Collaboroo

Free SEN teaching Autism blog

Update May 2021: Collaboroo is currently only in Archive form. This page now redirects to our internal posts or the Archive. I want to thank everyone who has visited Inclusiveteach.com, May has seen the most visitors ever! However I have…

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Lego: SEN Teacher

Lego therapy autism

This post was originally written to celebrate the second birthday of Inclusiveteach.com than with a post about Lego! Lego toys are still popular and with the increasing use of Lego therapy even more widely used in education than when I…

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Sensory Umbrellas For PMLD.

Free SEN teaching Autism worksheets

Flo Longhorn’s Sensory Umbrella When you listen to a speaker you need to be inspired. Your mind needs to fill with ideas as they speak. I had the pleasure of listening and watching Flo Longhorn at a conference late last…

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SEN Teacher: The Tuff Tray

star wars teaching resources

Custom Tuff Tray Divider Originally posted on Collaboroo This was an idea I had when I first bought a tuff tray but was brought to life by our workshop tutor so I can’t claim all the credit. I work in…

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