Inclusive Teacher: Using Lego!

What better way to celebrate the second birthday of than with a post about Lego! My Favourite subject, also was the focus of most of my tweets all those years ago!Lego Pirate education quote.jpg

Anyway Lego is one of the most easily adaptable resources a teacher can have no matter what the needs of their class. Yes it is pretty expensive, but it is almost indestructible. You can always try and persuade some parents or colleagues to donate a couple of piles. Although it is almost guaranteed to have a pencil or something in it. In case I haven’t sold it enough – no classroom should be without at least one box. There are always the “compatible” brands – Wilko is quite good these days. 

Lego Pile classroom teacher.jpg

If you are lucky you may be able to get some sets that link with your topic. For our space topic I splashed out on a space shuttle. The next topic was transport and as long as you have wheels you are set. Apart from STEM and free play activities Lego is also great to structure communication sessions. Especially for PECS users.

Resources (Our other free resources are here)

This is a Lego tasks In Print File.ipdoc that can be used for requesting or interaction. The inprint3 file is here if you want to adapt it – you could add numbers or sized blocks.Lego education communication board autism.jpg

If you are doing maths there are loads of activities online for using Lego. I have made a simple set of instruction sheets that can be cut and laminated. You can easily ramp up the complexity. You could probably use them for Lego therapy as well. Included in the Lego tasks InPrint 3 File or click the image to download the image file.

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Here is an awesome tray from Wilkos for sorting your pieces and building on your lap.

Screen Shot 2017-03-18 at 10.11.52.jpg

I will add to this post as I make more resources and would love to hear your ideas.

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