Spitfire: A VE Day Sensory Story 1
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Spitfire: A VE Day Sensory Story

Our Spitfire VE Day sensory story forms the third of a collection of sensory stories written to be delivered during the week of the VE day celebrations in May 2020. These have been written with a broader range of needs than some of our other stories. The vocabulary is a little more complex and the context is historical rather than linking with the pupil’s lives.

Note: Due to the coronavirus situation I have not delivered these to a group you therefore have the unadapted version of this story. Usually I will deliver the sensory story to a PMLD need group and an Autism specific class before sharing. So apologies for any rough edges. I will also be uploading more VE days resources to accompany this post.

Free PDF Booklet

I wasn’t quite sure how to approach the Battle of Britain for SEND learners. One of the most effective teaching methods is through storytelling. Download the VE Day sensory story as a free PDF booklet below. In the booklet are suggested sensory resources and movement activities. This story works just as well as an immersive storytelling and I have included some free MP3 sound effect files you can use in powerpoint or to load onto switches etc. We really appreciate a facebook share if you have time.

Our Other two VE Day Sensory Stories can be accessed using the buttons below.

VE Day Sensory Story Spitfire

Spitfire: A VE Day Sensory Story


A sunny day.
Sit back, drink tea
Relax and breathe 1,2,3

A phone ringing
The alarm, again
Listen and wait, German planes!

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Climb in the seat
Buckle in tight
Take a breath, ready for flight

Start the engines
Propellers turn
Spinning so fast, whirr, whirr, whirr

Ground crew ready
Bright, sunny day
All fueled up, chocks away!

Lift off, we climb
Into the sky
Houses, trees go zooming by.

In formation
Close, wing to wing
Between the clouds swoop and swing

Fighters ahead
We weave and roll
Dials spinning on the console

Engine roaring
Deadly dogfight
Bullets pinging left and right

Watch with horror
My friend gets hit
Clambers out from his cockpit

A parachute
He is alive
His plane spinning in a dive

Spitfires return
History written…
The true battle of Britain

VE Day World War Two Sensory Story

Spitfire Sensory Storytelling Sound Effects

VE Day Activity Pack

VE day home learning Activity pack SEN free

The PDF booklet contains information and activities linked to VE day. You may also like our Remembrance day resources. Suitable for primary, SEND and home learning. Contains facts and crafts including:

  • Make a welcome home card
  • VE day bunting
  • VE day word search
  • WW2 Silhouette craft
VE day SEN home learning activity pack
WW2 remembrance craft VE day
VE day historic welcome home card craft activity

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