100 Autumn-Themed Activities for EYFS Children 1

100 Autumn-Themed Activities for EYFS Children

Autumn is a beautiful and fascinating season that can ignite wonder in early years children. As the colours change from green to amber, orange and red, young minds start to notice the changes of the seasons. This season offers endless opportunities for hands-on learning experiences. In this article, we have compiled 100 autumn-themed activity ideas spanning various areas of development for Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) children. Educators and parents alike will find ways to incorporate autumn’s seasonality into lessons, encouraging exploration, creativity and skill-building. From nature walks to art projects, cooking recipes to book reads – these activities will spark curiosity and foster appreciation for the seasonal transitions in our world.

100 Autumn-Themed Activities for EYFS Children

Literacy: Autumn Ideas

1. Read autumn books and make story prediction charts  

2. Have children write and illustrate autumn acrostic poems

3. Create autumn vocabulary word/ Anchor charts to sound out and read

4. Set up a fall leaves letter matching game

5. Facilitate an autumn journal/diary writing station 

6. Label parts of autumn-themed pictures using stickers

7. Create illustrated autumn vocabulary word banks to practice reading

8. Write step-by-step instructions for autumn leaf rubbings activity

9. Sort books into autumn and non-autumn-themed categories

10. Play autumn leaves letter and sound matching games

11. Read fictional and nonfictional autumn books and compare elements of each 

12. Create class autumn ABC books with each child illustrating assigned fall words

13. Label parts of trees, leaves, fruits and autumn pictures with sticky notes

14. Listen to autumn read-aloud and sequence story events using picture cards

15. Create Autumn Themed anchor Charts like this one for Pumpkins


16. Count and sort colourful fall leaves, acorns, and pinecones by number/size

17. Graph types of Harvest foods or the number of items collected  

18. Print autumn leaf counting booklets to complete

19. Play leaf, acorn or pine cone toss games, keeping score

20. Mix orange and yellow paint to explore fall colours

21. Tally favourite autumn foods, colours, or types of produce

22. Measure lengths of twigs, weights of pinecones, and leaves then order and compare

23. Print autumn-themed rhyming patterns to identify and extend 

24. Use scales to weigh and compare different gourds, fruits, veggies

25. Count and clap syllables in autumn-themed words    

26. Taste test mini pumpkins vs. large pumpkins and graph classmates’ preferences

27. Estimate then count quantities of autumn objects and place value counters

28. Create maps of the classroom with fall-coloured blocks and autumn toys

29. Print autumn-themed I Spy books focused on positional words

30. Mix numbered autumn leaf colours to practice counting on or back

Autumn teaching ideas
Leaf Rubbing

Understanding the World

31. Take nature walks to observe autumn weather changes firsthand  

32. Examine vegetables harvested in autumn and discuss seasonality

33. Look at types of clothes worn in autumn vs. other seasons

34. Observe autumn leaves changing colours around the school grounds

35. Plant bulbs and seeds saved from summer to observe growing in spring

36. Explain the lifecycles of trees, leaves changing colours and falling based on observations

37. Use magnifying glasses to look closely at autumn seeds and fruits

38. Research local animals that hibernate or migrate in autumn

39. Mix, mash, and taste different autumn squash and gourds

40. Look at maps/globes to discuss autumn relative to the equator and poles 

41. Look at pictures of the same trees in summer vs. autumn and discuss changes

42. Use nature item imprints and leaf rubbings to examine detailed features

43. Plant bulbs in autumn and predict what will happen by springtime

44. Categorize types of autumn fruits, vegetables, and leaves in sorting activities

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45. Share family autumn holiday traditions like Rosh Hashanah or Diwali

autumn craft ideas for EYFS pegboard art

Expressive Arts and Design

46. Finger paint with fall-coloured tempera paints  

47. Create autumn trees with paper trunks and fallen leaf paintings

48. Make and play dried seeds rainbow shaker music instruments

49. Construct squirrel, owl or hedgehog sculptures from clay or play dough 

50. Role-play the life cycle of trees through the seasons

51. Use a light projector to make glowing tree silhouettes 

52. Paint paper plate pumpkins using a variety of printing techniques

53. Engineer leaf blowers using straws, paper, and string to experiment with moving air

54. Construct mini autumn wreaths from real or paper leaves and natural elements

55. Dramatize the story of “The Very Busy Spider” using spider web props

56. Play classical autumn music like Vivaldi while painting fall trees

57. Role-play squirrels gathering acorns for winter hibernation  

58. Decorate paper bag scarecrow puppets and re-tell related stories   

59. Engineer leaf blowers from straws and paper to move objects

60. Construct mini autumn wreaths from real or paper leaves

Physical Development 

61. Go on autumn color scavenger hunts to find diverse fall objects   

62. Act out trees in the wind, leaves falling by swaying and twirling

63. Hammer golf tees into pumpkins to strengthen hand muscles

64. Use natural autumn finds for open-ended sensory tubs

65. Play leaf or acorn target toss games for coordination

66. Dance to Vivaldi’s Autumn leaves crunching sounds 

67. Go on nature walks and collect autumn treasures in baskets

68. Play animal movement games like waddling like ducks in autumn winds

69. Hammer golf tees into pumpkins for developing hand strength

70. Thread leaves through lacing cards fine motor activity 

71. Dance like swirling autumn leaves and animals preparing for winter

72. Collect nature items on scavenger hunts to fill autumn sensory bins

73. Hammer golf tees into pumpkins to develop hand strength

74. Play corn kernel scooping games with spoons or tongs   

75. Leaf thread designs onto a piece of card for coordination

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

76. Discuss what students enjoy and don’t like about autumn

77. Read stories dealing with autumn change themes to discuss 

78. Act out being helpful autumn helpers collecting fallen leaves   

79. Role-play properly dressing for weather and seasons

80. Make paper leaf headbands together to foster teamwork

81. Role play sharing autumn clothes that don’t fit any more with others

82. Read Chrysanthemum and discuss being unique like autumn leaves

83. Discuss being grateful for food harvested in the autumn months   

84. Make paper leaf headbands together to foster teamwork

85. Do leaf rubbings and discuss favourite autumn memories

86. Discuss working together like a flock of geese migrating south

87. Read autumn books focused on change like Little Yellow Leaf  

88. Re-enact animals preparing for hibernation and migration

89. Role play properly dressing for autumn weather seasons

90. Make paper leaf headbands together to foster teamwork

Communication and Language

91. Read fiction and nonfiction books about autumn noting key details

92. Recite autumn-themed poems, songs and fingerplays together   

93. Describe observations on autumn nature walks using rich vocabulary

94. Show and tell autumn foods, clothing or decorations from home

95. Listen to wind and rain sound effect clips and discuss sounds

96. Describe pretend play scenarios using autumn vocab: farmers market, orchard

97. Sort real or artificial fruits, veggies, and leaves into Venn diagrams while labelling categories

98. Look at autumn photos or videos and recall key details to discuss 

99. Listen to Windy Autumn Day sound effects and dictate imaginative stories

100. Practice articulating 2+ syllable autumn-themed words like scarecrow, chrysanthemum

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