Sensory Story: The Autumn Forest 1

Sensory Story: The Autumn Forest

An Autumn Sensory Story

This is due to be the first in a series of 4 stories (1 for each season). Check out he winter sensory story Snow Bear. Please take a few minutes to watch the video of my daughter reading it! The idea that each sensory story will have a unique feel and energy to it. For Autumn we are dealing with a forest ready to close down for the winter. Stillness and peace are the words of the season. Think of this as a “low arousal” examination of the sensory stimuli for in the autumnal woods. I wrote it for teenagers with PMLD (Profound and multiple learning difficulties) and for the book I have tried to use “age appropriate” images. Sensory stimuli such as Bird song, cracking twigs, rustling, gently falling leaves. For our American readers you can easiily use this for your Fall activities.

Squirrel in the autumn woods sensory story

Similar to my previous two sensory stories (Human Body and Blue Abyss) this is not a narrative as such but an exploration of the topic. We are lucky enough to have both a school woodland and a well equipped Multi-sensory room. This story was designed to be delivered in the woods then revisited using the resources collected on return to school. This way the experience can be relived and hopefully associative memories can be strengthened through recalling the stimuli.

The Autumn Forest Sensory Story PDF
The Cover

The Autumn Forest

Very simple resources needs for this. The most complex being a Sensory umbrella with leaves hanging from it. I have included a number of suggested sensory resources that you can use but don’t let that limit your imagination. Whatever will stimulate and inspire your children to communicate. I wrote this sensory story to read to Children with PMLD I think sensory stories work really well for other children who benefit from additional sensory elements to their education and even early years.

Girl under an autumn tree sensory story
Autumn Sensory Story: The woods!

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Feel the cold and misty air, damp upon your face.
We creep towards the forest, a calm and mystical place.

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Take a minute to sit and watch the dusty sunbeams.
Breaking upon leaves of yellow, brown and green.

Autumn is here, leaves begin their fall softly to the ground.
Brown and crunchy, yellow and crisp all together in a mound

Each tree is wrapped up safe in its armoured skin.
The scaly, rough bark protects the wood within.

Lying cold and heavy on the soft, earthy forest floor.
A log, old, forgotten, hard outside, rotting from the core.

We walk further between the soaring forest trees,
Snap, goes a twig as leaves rustle in the breeze.

With feathers soft and song so sweet.
The Robin flies, hops and tweets.

The squirrel builds his home high in the trees,
Finding nuts and seeds before winter’s freeze,

The Forest can provide tasty food for us too.
Like this basket of berries this forest grew.

Now our sensory adventure has come to an end.
A trip to the forest in Autumn, I do recommend.

Free Sound Effects – Forest

Autumn  seasonal  sensory story
Autumn Forest Free Sensory Story

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