Sensory Story: A Sensory Odyssey Part 1 – Troy

When I was younger I was enraptured by a storytelling by Tony Robinson. The story was that of Odysseus. Told solely by Tony running around old ruins and weaving the narrative between ancient blocks of stone. My memory is as worn as the ruins but it was this that I wanted to relive (Not even on Youtube alas). Fast forward from 1988 and Key stage 3 are studying Gods and Mortals as their topic. The first of a planned trilogy I wanted to start the story with the Battle of Troy, Odysseus and the Trojan Horse. Unlike the other Sensory Stories on this site the Odyssey is an existing narrative. I struggled to recreate as a pure multi-sensory experience and so please think of this as a storytelling with sensory elements.

A multi-Sensory Storytelling

I also delivered the session to a slightly different need group as the vocabulary is a little complex. So the pupils were a P6-P8 group with communication difficulties. I was nervous at it was my first time teaching with this class but they were engaged and seemed motivated by the props. The children also enjoyed the video. Having a video running as the story is told really helps build an immersive storytelling environment. If your learners are easily distracted you may want to leave this. I had to keep pausing as the children wanted to explore the props. There is no sound as I used talk buttons to deliver the sound effects.

Essential Sensory Room Reading

I have to admit I am far from an expert in sensory stories. My go to person is Joanna Grace whose new book outlines how to make the best out of your sensory rooms.

The Odyssey: The Sensory Story

I know technically the fall of Troy is in “The Iliad” not the Odyssey but I wanted to do it anyway! As with my other stories I like my sensory stories to rhyme. This was quite tricky as there was a specific number of factors that had to be fitted into the fall of Troy. I have put lines in brackets that are useful for the plot but not essential to the sensory element so think of them as optional sections. Use the button below to download the free printable Sensory Story.

Pages from A sensory Odyssey.

Props and Sensory Resources.

This was a tricky story to resource, I started with this helmet and went from there. The children loved the dressing up element so it is essential for the story! I did make a wooden Trojan horse from a cardboard box but it was destroyed during the exploration session following the storytelling (Art mimicking art?)

Here you can see some of the other bits. Some shells in sand to represent the beach. A cool little sensory fidget toy for the ocean. The mirror is for looking at themselves dressing up.

The Sensory umbrella is to depict the God Poseidon or for use as the sea on the last page. I hope you find this sensory story useful. I would love to hear your feedback.

Sensory Resources
Model boatSmoky smell (Lapsang Souchong tea)WoodApollo and Poseidon sensory umbrellas Sand Tray
FanWarm temperatureModel horseBust or figureRed, yellow Cloth
Water sprayRed lightingGate, squeaking sound effectFake beardArrow with tin foil head
Storm Sound effectsClothes to represent fire.Reduce lightingWalls imagesBright lighting
Scents, fruitsSeaweedSeaweedGreek Helmet
Wooden piecesWater BowlWater Bowl

Small StonesSea Scent SpraySea Scent Spray

Bright lightingBlue lightingBlue lighting

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