Blitz: WW2 Sensory Adventure

Blitz: A WW2 Sensory Story Adventure

To celebrate the 75th anniversary of VE (Victory in Europe) Day this sensory story focuses on the Blitz experience. By writing A WW2 sensory adventure we ensure that the needs of all learners are being catered for. Lots of thought went into this story and the multi-sensory experiences it contains. However, they will not be suitable for all learners and I would encourage you to add or remove pages/sensory stimuli as needed.

Spitfires blitz ww2

When working with sensory learners or autistic children we must be particularly mindful of their sensory profile and how they may interpret the sensory stimuli involved in the process of storytelling. It is essential that given the nature of the sensory story that no child finds the storytelling experience aversive. I wrote this so the basic story could be used with a number of groups. Each requires adaptation and I outline the planning for each group below.

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Blitz: Immersive Storytelling groups

  • EYFS – (Reception and nursery groups) This is an immersive storytelling session designed to give a feel of some of the sensory experiences from the Blitz. We will focus on descriptive words, questioning and examining the images. Sound effects will be loaded onto powerpoint and controlled by the interactive whiteboard. Generally a read through showing props followed by more in depth discussion about key pages. Can link to phonics sounds.
  • PMLD (Profound and multiple learning difficulties) – For this group we will encourage exploration of the sensory stimuli. Changes to light and dark will be more gradual with the use of switches to allow the pupils to control elements of the story. Sound effects will be on Big Macs or sound buttons with moderate volume. Staff will be aware of the sensory profile and look for signs of distress or fear.
  • Autism specific provision – Interactive storytelling with a focus on anticipation, joint attention and communication. Opportunities to request favoured props or sounds using PECS or communication board. Blitz Props to be brought out 1 by 1 to enhance anticipation (similar to attention autism). Specific vocabulary can be reinforced through a word bank. Depending on the group sound effects will be delivered using sound buttons or the IWB.
Sensory story blitz world war two

Sound Effects.

I have included the required sound effects to bring your Blitz storytelling to life. Please bear in mind any sensory sensitivities your pupils may experience.

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The Sensory Story

I have included the story as a free PDF Sensory Story booklet to download and use. Please feel free to share this page. The repetition of “hurry home” could be easily changed if needed.

Sensory Story ww2 blitz pdf download

Blitz: A WW2 Sensory Adventure 

Hurry home, hurry home it’s not safe to be out.

“Put out that light” comes the warden’s shout. 

Hurry home hurry home, before the planes come.

The darkness surrounds me so I start to run.

Hurry home hurry home, It’s late, I start to worry. 

A siren starts wailing, to the shelter hurry! 

Hurry home hurry home, but I’ve run out of time.

Quickly into the tunnels of the underground line.

Hurry home hurry home, it’s all I want to do,

But we all squeeze together beneath Waterloo

Hurry home hurry home, someone’s sharing warm tea

Keep our families safe, I hear people plea.

Hurry home hurry home, I imagine the planes far overhead. 

The thoughts of searchlights and fighters fill me with dread 

Hurry home hurry home, I cower into the wall

I feel the explosions as bombs start to fall. 

Hurry home hurry home, they sound the all clear. 

I climb out of the tunnel choked up with fear

Hurry home hurry home, there’s smoke in the air. 

Streets of ruins and fire, a waking nightmare.

Hurry home hurry home, to my house safe and sound.

The bombs missed today but rubble litters the ground. 

We wave goodbye to our friend in the blitz.

We are leaving behind the bombs and the rubble.

I hope all the children can stay out of trouble.

The End

Sensory Resources needed

This table outlines some of the sensory resources that you might want to use for your story. I would love to see/hear what sensory resources you use.

Go from light to darkDoorbellRed lightsPlane umbrellaEnamel mugs
“Put out that light” soundRocks, stones to feelWarm airPlane engine sound effectWarm flask
ARP warden helmetModel bomb to pass roundTalc into air (not near pupil)Torches Warm water to taste
WhistleAll clear sound effectVibration/massagerPhysical squeeze Tea to smell, taste
Smoke smellPut up sheets and removeExplosion sound effectBusy space sound effectRun drum beat
Skyline umbrellaAir Raid sound effectFire effect
Blitz sounds
Black sheet

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