Sensory Story: Human Body 1

Sensory Story: Human Body

Human body sensory story resources

My second sensory story is about the human body. This was written for the “Body, burps and bile” topic and delivered to a group of 12-14 year old students with a range of needs including Autism and PMLD. I tried to ensure the language was age appropriate. I also like to use real images for the booklet for those children that may want to read it themselves/take home and to share on here they have to be free to use (creative commons).

Sensory Story: Human Body 2
Sensory Story Resources (Including sound buttons)

I don’t think a sensory story has to rhyme but I like the rhythm of a rhyming book and think it flows better when reading. I have included a PDF of the sensory story for free download scroll down for the link.

Check out my first sensory story on the blue abyss, suitable for use with under the sea or oceans/beaches topics.

What is a sensory story?

Sensory Stories are a combination of spoken words and sensory stimuli. Combining these elements creates a fun and engaging way of telling a narrative that meets the needs of all learners. Sensory stories bring the words to life through a multi-sensory approach ensuring the learners are active participants. It also promotes turn taking, anticipation and learning to wait. Whilst in this story we use a  less pleasant “whiff” none of the sensory stimuli should be aversive to the young person. If they display a negative reaction replace that element of the story. The ultimate aim is to inspire the young person to see the value in communicating.

Sensory Story: Human Body 3
Example of page from the free e-book

I recommend stories be told to a group to promote positive interactions and sharing space and air with others. It is also a good idea to repeat the story to gain familiarity and a sense of anticipation. This book by Joanna Grace* is invaluable if you want to start writing your own stories and goes into much more depth about the benefits of using sensory stories with different groups of learners.

Sensory elements recommended for use in this story.

resources used in human body story PMLD

Below are some resources I used or alternatives, some free some you might have to shop around for.

Play Dough PooSpaghetti intestinesBalloonsHeart beat sound effectRain Stick
Old Tights with poo dough in. Big mouthBubbles/Bubble machineBass drumWater dropper
Sound ButtonFood ItemsWindmillcornflour gooSound Button *
Noise makerCrunchy cerealConfettiStethoscopeBike Horn 
Lavender bag/sprigsGiant eyeball*SpongesSkeleton, mannequinMSR – Video
Smell pots – variety pleasant smellsWater spray/dropperSkull toyDoctors coatMSR – Colour change Lights
Garlic or onionsKaleidoscope Squidgy brain toy*GogglesMSR – Powerpoint
FruitMirrorCauliflowerThis BookMSR – Stereo

Multi-Sensory Room

Video projection in the Multi-Sensory Room
Video projection in the Multi-Sensory Room

I also created a video to run whilst I read the story. I used the MSR (Multisensory room) which meant I could adapt the lighting and sound (used for the heartbeat). I also projected this video onto one wall. I managed to keep to time without rushing but a bigger group would need this video played at a slower speed.

See also  6 Apps for Creative Teachers.

When the children walked in I had the room lit red with the heartbeat sound effect playing to create an immersive environment. I also used a directional light to pick out some of the resources to build anticipation. You can get an idea of the effect in the short clip below.

Download the Free Sensory Story

Sensory Story: Human Body 4

The Human Body – A sensory adventure

An epic journey from your head to your toes.

From your brain to your eye, your poo to your nose.

Inside of your skull is a squidgy pink blob.

Controlling your body is the brain’s biggest job!

Linked to your brain are two shiny bright eyes.

These are the bits that let you see, wink and cry

A nose is a thing that helps you sneeze, smell and sniff.

Lovely lavender, strawberries and oh! What’s that whiff?

Next up, stuck to the side of your head, we discover two ears.

They let us listen, to rain or crying, to honking or cheers.

While we are listening can you hear a beat?

We’ve found your heart pumping blood on repeat.

Next comes the lungs so breathe in nice and slow

Balloons, bubbles and whistles all need you to.. BLOW!

All the way from the mouth to your tummy 

slimy tubes take all the food that is yummy.

Finally from out of your bottom comes poo.

Sometimes runny or stinky, and all made by you!

Now our sensory adventure has come to an end.

We have learnt that our bodies are similar to our friends. 

The End

Thank you for reading

I would love to hear feedback or how you have adapted this story for your setting

Free ebook download of Human body sensory story for PMLD, EYFS

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