Sensory Lights: USB Power 1
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Sensory Lights: USB Power

This blog is going to explore how just with a poundland power-bank we can create simple and affordable sensory lights. We can use these as a 1 off activity or to integrate into your multi-sensory storytelling. As we all know if you put “sensory” on the front of any product you can double the price. So using a few non-specialist products we can make some flexible and reusable resources to enhance sessions for our sensory learners.

sensory lights for PMLD learners

What are Powerbanks?

Powebanks are basically rechargeable battery packs that allow you to charge phones etc via their USB port. USB powered lights and fans are common and powerbanks are perfect for these. Frugal teachers often find the best bargains and I bought my powerbank from Poundland. It is not the most powerful but easily lasts 40 minutes and is rechargeable. Mine is now 4 years old and still going strong. Obviously a bigger more expensive bank will last longer and power multiple lights etc. The one below can power sensory lights or other devices and tells you how much charge is left (but is 15x the price).

USB Powerbank for Sensory resources

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Resources/Products Used For Sensory Lights

  • USB Powerbank – Buy Here or Home Bargains, Poundland etc.
  • LED Light Stick – Buy Here – This is from Wish so make take a while to arrive.
  • LED Sound Responsive Disco Sensory Light – Buy Here
  • Single multi-colour LED USB Lights – Buy Here
  • Empty milk bottle.
3 USB lights for sensory storytellling

Using Sensory Lights To Create Immersive Environments

One of my favourite ways to use sensory lights is to change the perception of the environment. If telling a sensory story like the “Blue Abyss” I used blue sensory lights to make it feel cold. For the “Miles to the Nile” sensory story I used a yellow sensory light to signify warmth.

Sensory Lights: USB Power 2

One of the easiest ways to make an effective sensory light rather than just a light is to use an empty milk bottle as a light diffuser. This creates more of a glow rather than a beam and can be much more gentle on the eyes. The great thing about using a small USB powerbank to power the light is you can move it, change the attachment or use multiple to create zones without much additional outlay. The links above are to Amazon or Wish but a quick hunt in Home Bargains will provide sensory light resources for less.

milk bottle sensory light diffuser free sensory play idea
A milk bottle light diffuser

Instant Disco

The mini USB disco sensory lights are awesome for turning a plain unstimulating room into an instant disco. These are also sound sensitive so respond to music, clapping or vocalizations. This is really beneficial when working with learners using emerging communication. If you get a smallish powerbank you can also attach it to a wheelchair or handle to make it graspable. The milk bottle works well for this as well due to the handle. The best bit is you don’t need a power socket or wires. Great safe sensory play.

Instant disco light usb PMLD sensory play

I hope you enjoyed this post and would love to see your sensory lights and hear about how you use them.

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Disco bottle EYFS sensory play ideas.
USB Disco Light in Milk Bottle Diffuser

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