3 Engaging Maths Games 1

3 Engaging Maths Games

We got our hands on these three great maths game resources from Learning Resources. I had seen a post on instagram with the pirate treasure game. It was being used by a speech therapist so I was very excited when I got a chance to have a play learning session with it. I am currently resourcing our autism specific classes. These maths games are highly engaging, hard wearing and versatile. They have the added benefit of being great to use to encourage joint attention and interaction on top of academic targets. When you can use maths games for multiple purposes the learning becomes more organic. Inclusiveteach.com was not gifted or provided these for review we bought them as they seemed perfect for our needs. If you like the look of special education teaching resources for school or home learning please share this post.

Learning resources maths games for SEND pupils

Choosing Maths Games for SEND pupils.

With SEND learners, lessons and the resources we use have to be carefully chosen. The same goes for any Literacy or maths games. I will use these with secondary aged pupils but their initial design is for primary pupils. We wrote about age appropriateness here and think that these resources are a good compromise. I will also be using the resources to develop work tasks as part of the TEACCH system. They are great for sequencing and other independent maths activities.

Two of these maths games don’t seem overtly academic which may help demand avoidant pupils engage. We chose the mini motor maths game as transport and cars are highly motivating for one of the pupils I had in mind for this activity. These games can easily be lent out to support home learning. This is especially important for SEND learners who cannot access worksheets or online provision. Some of our pupils have clearly defined thoughts about mixing home and school. These maths games would be good to try and encourage the practicing of maths concepts at home. I hope the current disruption to learning will be drawing to an end soon but many of our pupils have significant health needs. These games would be great to send home if they needed time out of school in the future.

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Maths Game 1: Sorting Surprise Pirate Treasure.

Sorting maths SEND activity home learning maths games autism

My favourite and possible the game that got the most engagement from our testers was Sorting Surprise Pirate Treasure*. It provides you with multiple opportunities for practicing numeracy skills and other games. We hid the keys around the room to give a competitive and active element to the activity. Each chest is labelled with a colour, number and shaped key so you have three concepts straight away. It was a challenge for our youngest (4) to open chests with a key. We need to focus on fine motor development and object manipulation as well.

Learning resources pirate maths game shape number colour
Maths scavenger hunt home learning
Hide the pirate’s keys scavenger hunt.

Maths Game 2: Mini Motor Maths

A very motivating game that can be played with 2 players. Mini Motor Maths-Buy Here * comes with different coloured cars so you can involve counting, patterns and sequencing. The main aim of the maths game element is to roll a dice and get your car to the finish line first (basically a 1-20 number line). There is also a colour dice which you use in conjunction with the numbers. You can select an appropriate number of cars to create pictograms etc. These are really sturdy learning resources and can be integrated into small world play.

Mini motor maths game SEND learners inclusive numeracy activities one blue car and one purple car

Maths Game 3: Counting Owls

Counting owls SEND learning activity. Multicoloured plastic owls and branch number line.

Our final game is great for TEACCH stations and independent learning. The Counting Owls – Buy Here* set is also perfect for collaborative play, problem solving and working together. You can hide each owl in a tough tray or sand tray to add a sensory maths element. The owls themselves are hard plastic and take some finger strength to add or remove from the branch effect 1-10 number line. The game comes with pattern cards and a spinner so can be a very versatile resource.

green and purple owl number line pattern.

*Indicates an affiliate link – inclusiveteach will receive a small percentage of the purchase towards our hosting costs – no extra cost to you if you decide to buy something.

3 Engaging Maths Games 2

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