An Easter Sensory Story

A Traditional Easter Sensory Story

This is my attempt to capture the key themes of the traditional Easter story in the format of a sensory story. Being relatively complex I have had to remove a few elements and reduce some situations to single lines. I have not shied away from the more violent sections but have also not included the spear to the side etc. This is primarily due to the aversive nature of this which would not be appropriate for PMLD Learners.

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Easter: A Sensory Story should be easy to adapt by removing some elements/lines. Suitable for your RE curriculum or just for an Easter activity. I have also tried to keep the number of resources needed to a minimum. As always I would love to see what you have found to use and enrich your storytelling.

Please visit our main sensory story page for our other sensory stories. All sensory story booklets on this site are free to use and share but if you are putting them on a school website please link back to this page. If you really liked this story please consider sharing it on Twitter or Facebook. If you are feeling really generous please consider buying something from our wish list. It will all be used for the pupils at my school for sensory sessions.

The Easter Sensory Story

The Easter Story Donkry sensory PMLD
Example page from Easter Sensory Story

Here is the text of the story. For the PDF booklet click here.

Look, here comes a small brown donkey with Jesus on his back
People cheering, laying palm leaves along the dusty track.

We are in Jerusalem, going through the golden gate.
Roman soldiers everywhere, guarding Governor Pilate.

Jesus and his friends all gather around to meet,
With a bowl of cool, clear water, Jesus bends to wash their feet.

In a room, a table was laid with bread and wine,
Jesus tells his apostles to all sit down to dine.

Jesus says a blessing and breaks up a loaf of bread,
“This is my body, for you to remember me” Jesus said.

Then giving thanks he pours the wine into a cup
Saying “Drink, this is my blood.” and passes it for them to sup

Jesus then stood and said out loud “One of you will betray me”
All his apostles looked around and wondered who it would be.

They went to the garden of Gethsemane to sit awhile and pray
Judas came and kissed his cheek, he was the one who would betray.

The Roman soldiers marched in to take Jesus away
Pontious Pilate asked him what he had to say

But Jesus wouldn’t say a word to save himself that day
So Pilate washed his hands and shouted “Crucify him I say.”

Wrapped in a scarlet cloak and with a thorny crown,
They humiliated Jesus and beat him to the ground.

A long, hot walk with a heavy cross up the hill began,
Simon helped carry the cross as Jesus could barely stand.

At the top they stop and offer Jesus some cheap wine
He refused and was nailed upon the cross, three in a line.

On the cross he cried out “it is finished!” and his head fell to his chest.
He was taken to a cave sealed with a rock and laid to rest.

Early Sunday morning with the sun rise and the flowers bloom,
Mary Magdalene went to visit and saw the empty tomb.

She asked a man standing in the garden “what’s the plan?”
“It is I Jesus, I am risen” Look at the holes in both my hands.

For 40 days he talked and prayed, then he knelt and bowed,
Then up to Heaven He did ascend upon a shining cloud.

Required/Optional Sensory Resources

  • Metal – baking tray etc for soldiers clanking
  • Large leaves, green material
  • Fake fur for a donkey
  • Sand or dust to put on hands/feet then wash off
  • Bowl and cool water
  • Wood
  • Stone
  • Red, white sheets
  • Bread
  • Grape Juice
  • Spices/aroma
  • Cup and jug
  • Floral scent
  • Light/torch
  • Vinegar
  • Red paint

Free PDF of the Story

Use the link above to download our Easter Sensory Story. I would love to see your stories and resources. This Easter story is perfect for EYFS, Kindergarten and PMLD learners.

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