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Halloween Sensory Story: Are You A Monster?

A Spooky Sensory Experience. Are You A Monster? Halloween Sensory Story is similar to Are You An Elf? and Am I a Pirate? These are "Dressing Up" Sensory Stories. The idea is that each element of the story will be revealed from a bag or box and worn by the learner, this means these sensory… Continue reading Halloween Sensory Story: Are You A Monster?

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A Christmas Sensory Story: Are you an Elf?

Free Christmas Sensory Story for PMLD/SLD pupils Slightly different from a more traditional sensory story Are You an Elf Christmas Sensory Story is one of our free "Dressing up" Sensory Stories. Throughout the story the learner will become an Elf. As with any activity the storyteller needs to be attuned to the learner's individual sensory… Continue reading A Christmas Sensory Story: Are you an Elf?

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The Yoto Player: Product Review

We bought a Yoto Player* for our daughter for Christmas as we wanted to reduce screen time and encourage her love of reading. My older daughter used to listen to story CD's and this is an even better version of that as some stories are a few hours long. The range of stories available is… Continue reading The Yoto Player: Product Review

You might be a pirate sensory story
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Am I a Pirate? Sensory Story

How doesn't love a chance to dress up! This pirate themed sensory story is a little different to our others. I have tried to make it accessible to learners who need minimal language and repetition. I have tried to write for the earlier stages of our sensory story progression stages. Pirate Themed Sensory Story This… Continue reading Am I a Pirate? Sensory Story

Nurturing Narrative Project

Nurturing Narrative: Games and Literacy

I was recently talking to our speech therapist about a project I was involved with in 2011. This was with Tim Ryland who has sadly passed away. The Nurturing narrative event was held in partnership with the Kent CAT (Communication and Assistive Technology Team). I looked it up to find that the website ( was… Continue reading Nurturing Narrative: Games and Literacy

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Darwin: Voyage of the Beagle Multi-Sensory Story

Our Charles Darwin: Voyage of the Beagle multi-sensory story was Written for a Key Stage 4 class. To link with the cornerstones topic “Darwin’s Delight”. There is some quite complex vocabulary so this story fits into our stage 5 immersive storytelling band. I wrote this more for SLD pupils than PMLD but you can adapt… Continue reading Darwin: Voyage of the Beagle Multi-Sensory Story

easter story cross at sunset PMLD
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An Easter Sensory Story

A Traditional Easter Sensory Story This is my attempt to capture the key themes of the traditional Easter story in the format of a sensory story. Being relatively complex I have had to remove a few elements and reduce some situations to single lines. I have not shied away from the more violent sections but… Continue reading An Easter Sensory Story

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Awesome Advent Books For Christmas

Here we have 24 suggested Advent picture books to use in a literacy based advent calendar this Christmas. I like using this level of book as you can easily adapt them for a range of special educational needs. I have used all of these Christmas books either at home or with my classes at school.… Continue reading Awesome Advent Books For Christmas

Christmas sensory story song
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Sensory Christmas Songs

These multi-sensory Christmas songs take the concept of sensory stories and apply them to traditional Christmas songs. Using a range of sensory stimuli we reinforce the key elements of the songs and bring them to life! To aim is to enthuse our sensory learners and enrich the experience for all those taking part. These sensory… Continue reading Sensory Christmas Songs

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Spitfire: A VE Day Sensory Story

Our Spitfire VE Day sensory story forms the third of a collection of sensory stories written to be delivered during the week of the VE day celebrations in May 2020. These have been written with a broader range of needs than some of our other stories. The vocabulary is a little more complex and the… Continue reading Spitfire: A VE Day Sensory Story

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Sensory Story: We are Knights!

I wanted to do a more fun sensory story. Heavily inspired by Pete Wells And his very funny sensory stories I wrote "We are Knights" for our History topic. Just a bit of fun but I have included suggested sensory resources, movement opportunities and some follow up activities around positional language. As with all my… Continue reading Sensory Story: We are Knights!

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Sensory Story: Dunkirk

Dunkirk: A sensory story compliments our Blitz story. They were written to support the teaching of the World War 2 history curriculum around the VE day celebrations in 2020. As with our other free sensory stories it was written for a PMLD group. Due to the nature of the content. This story does not link… Continue reading Sensory Story: Dunkirk


Egypt: Sensory Story

An Egyptian Sensory Adventure This sensory story is for our Ancient Egypt topic. Pharaohs, pyramids and camels all feature in our Egypt sensory story. As with the other stories it is written with a certain need type group in mind. I am fortunate enough to have access to a Multi-Sensory room. This means I can… Continue reading Egypt: Sensory Story

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Blitz: WW2 Sensory Adventure

Blitz: A WW2 Sensory Story Adventure To celebrate the 75th anniversary of VE (Victory in Europe) Day this sensory story focuses on the Blitz experience. By writing A WW2 sensory adventure we ensure that the needs of all learners are being catered for. Lots of thought went into this story and the multi-sensory experiences it… Continue reading Blitz: WW2 Sensory Adventure

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Sensory Story: Snow Bear

This winter themed Sensory Story has been written for our "Time" topic where we are exploring the seasons. Snow Bear provides plenty of opportunities for exploring the cold of the Arctic. I have included a subtle message about climate change which depending on the age group you use it with may be useful to tie… Continue reading Sensory Story: Snow Bear

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Sensory Story: The Autumn Forest

This is due to be the first in a series of 4 stories (1 for each season). Check out he winter sensory story - Snow Bear. Please take a few minutes to watch the video of my daughter reading it! The idea that each sensory story will have a unique feel and energy to it.… Continue reading Sensory Story: The Autumn Forest

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Storytelling, Immersion and SEN

The power of Storytelling. I am a great fan of the power of storytelling in learning, it is enjoyable, fun, can be used to deliver messages or reinforce concepts or expected behaviours. My Mum owns a children's bookshop in Herne Bay (Click Here for Site) and leads storytelling sessions in local schools. So I am… Continue reading Storytelling, Immersion and SEN