Darwin: Voyage of the Beagle Multi-Sensory Story

Our Charles Darwin: Voyage of the Beagle multi-sensory story was Written for a Key Stage 4 class. To link with the cornerstones topic “Darwin’s Delight”. There is some quite complex vocabulary so this story fits into our stage 5 immersive storytelling band. I wrote this more for SLD pupils than PMLD but you can adapt without too much trouble for individuals.

The cover was drawn by one of the pupils if you wanted to show appreciation please order us something from the wish list – it will be delivered to our school to enhance our sensory storytelling sessions.

Charles Darwin multisensory story pmld beagle explorer animals
Darwin Sensory Story Cover Art

The Darwin: The Voyage of the Beagle Sensory Story is part of our sensory story collection all available to download here for free.

Darwin: The Voyage of the Beagle Sensory Story

On a bustling quayside A ship was ready to sail.
Among all the sailors stood a man at the rail.
He was ready for adventure, to travel the world.
The sleek wooden ship rocked as the sails unfurled.

The ship left Devonport with a following breeze.
The Beagle was off, bravely sailing the seas.
A cold December morning in 1831.
The voyage of discovery had finally begun.

The HMS Beagle a tall masted ship
The captain was reading maps for the trip
The ship kept on rolling, wave after wave
A seasick scientist was trying to be brave

After hard weeks at sea the Beagle saw land
Darwin couldn’t wait to step foot on the sand
The island was an exotic and beautiful sight
With trees and flowers colourful and bright.

There were animals and birds he’d never seen.
The brightest of colours red, purple, green.
They flew through the sky and nested in trees.
Taller than the ship that swayed in the breeze.

On one rocky island, volcanic and serene
Were tortoises older than he’d ever seen
With wrinkly skin and the hardest of shells
They were huge almost the size of church bells

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He walked through jungles and rivers and streams.
Seeing sights that were beyond his wildest dreams.
On beaches and mountains he hunted for fossils.
Of ancient beasts that could be described as colossal.

After 5 years the Beagle returned to England
In Darwin’s cabin his collection was crammed
Darwin started writing a world changing Book
About what he discovered on the journey he took

The origin of species, and natural selection.
Theories based on his fantastic collection.
Darwin is famous for the theory of evolution.
This is his greatest scientific contribution.

Darwin: Voyage of the Beagle Multi-Sensory Story 1
Example page of Voyage of the Beagle Sensory Story

Download the Free Sensory Story PDF Booklet

Click the button below to download the multi-sensory story as a free PDF booklet for PMLD or SLD learners. Younger children in EYFS may also enjoy it. I would love to hear how you have used it in your classrooms. This story is provided for free but a share would be appreciated! If you want to use it on your school website please link to this page not the file. Thank you.

Suggested Sensory Resources

These should be chosen according the sensory profile or interests of your learners. Depending on the need type, allergies and known aversions you may want to swop these out for other resources.

  • Blue material
  • Canvas material
  • Wood
  • Flower fragrance
  • Exotic fruit
  • Biscuits
  • Maps/large sheets of paper
  • Water spray
  • Large leaves/green paper
  • Tortoise shell effect material
  • Flowers
  • Feathers
  • Seagulls
  • Sea sound effect
  • Quayside sound effect
  • Creaky boat sound effect

On The Origin of Species Illustrated book.

This wonderfully illustrated book based on the origins of species by Charles Darwin is great for getting key facts about evolution across. Retold by Sabina Radeva.

Evolution illustrated childrens book
Charles Darwin origin of the species children's illustrated book

Origin of the species book

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