Sensory Story: Snow Bear

This winter themed Sensory Story has been written for our “Time” topic where we are exploring the seasons. Snow Bear provides plenty of opportunities for exploring the cold of the Arctic. I have included a subtle message about climate change which depending on the age group you use it with may be useful to tie into science or geography topics.

Sensory Learners

Sensory Story: Snow Bear 1

As with my other stories this was written for a group of sensory learners with profound and multiple learning difficulties (PMLD) but could be adapted to engage other children or EYFS groups.

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My daughter kindly agreed to read Snow Bear for me and demonstrate a few of the Sensory umbrellas we made.

Listen to my daughter read Snow Bear

Sensory Story resources

On each page I include a few ideas of the sensory resources I plan to use with that section. These are easy to add to or adapt depending on what you have to hand. I did buy a couple of resources for this. The approximate cost was £5 including an umbrella that will stay in the story bag. The big blue storytelling umbrella is used for the Blue Abyss sensory story as well.

Sensory Story: Snow Bear 2

When using ice or cold water with children be very mindful of their needs and be extremely observant for any indication of an aversive reaction. Always dry their hands and never hold Ice directly on the skin or leave their hand or fingers in cold water for more than a couple of seconds.

I really hope you enjoy the story and please feel free to share and leave feedback in the comments!

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Resources used in Snow Bear

Polar bear toy/puppetSequined fabricBird squawk sound effectRocks sensory trayIce cubes
Tummy rumbling sound effectSplash sound effectFeathersCold waterDrum beat to walking
Looking sign/gestureMirrorsIce in waterSwim sign/gestureCrunching snow sound 
Squishy textureDisco torchBird squawk sound effectJump sign/gestureCrunch cereal in white bag
Fish smellUnderwater sensory UmbrellaSwirling blue or white lightsSplash sound effectUnderwater umbrella (Fish)

The Story – Snow Bear: A Winter Sensory Adventure 

Snow Bear: A Winter Sensory Story
Snow Bear Cover

Hi there I’m Snow Bear I’m looking for food.

Excuse me, I’m hungry, I don’t mean to be rude.

I have to go hunting far out on the ice.

Walking for miles to find something nice.

No brollies or wellies I just have my fur.

It keeps out the cold, can you feel it? Brrrrr

The ice just keeps melting, less snow on the ground.

It just keeps on dripping, no food to be found.

At last, I come to the edge of the land.

I dive into the sea, almost too cold to stand.

Icebergs are bobbing and drifting along

Arctic Turns squawking, you can’t call it a song!

The bleak arctic beauty has to be admired

The sunshine is bright but I start to get tired.

I swim and I swim through the sea deep and blue.

Hoping my dreams of food are about to come true.

Finally, I spot it, a shimmering flash!

A slinky shiny fish making a splash!

Look at the fish swimming and swirling around.

There used to be plenty now only a few can be found.

Squishy and fishy my favourite treat.

But I wish I could find more food to eat.

We wave goodbye to our friend Snow Bear.

We are leaving behind the cold Arctic air 

The planet is changing we hope that you care.

Sensory Story: Snow Bear 3
Snow Bear Resources

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Sensory Story: Snow Bear 4

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